To nurture holistic professionals for the future.


Overarching Goal

To develop students’ academic, personal and inter-personal skills by enhancing their learning experience via a refined curriculum. This curriculum is designed to employ an effective blend of face-to-face and online modes, develop interactive pedagogies, adopt appropriate education technologies, make the best use of contact hours, promote independent and collaborative learning, foster students’ confidence, improve their communication skills, and allow space for the acquisition of generic skills and adaptability for the future.


Strategic Priorities

(a)        To instill in students the desire to learn and strengthen their ability to ‘learn to learn’.
(b) To enhance the student learning experience through the use of interactive pedagogies.
(c) To transform physical and virtual learning spaces to facilitate new teaching and learning pedagogies.
(d) To provide a supportive environment for students to review and reflect on their learning.
(e) To prepare ourselves for the onset of digital transformation in tertiary education.
(f) To continue to enhance the quality of undergraduate degree programmes.
(g) To create a culture conducive to valuing teaching and learning and to motivating teachers to excel.