As stipulated in Section 8 of the PolyU Ordinance, the Council shall appoint a President as the Chief Executive Officer of the University in whom, subject to the control of the Council, shall be vested with full executive authority for the management, conduct and administration of the University and the discipline of students.

The Council may appoint a person to hold the office of Deputy President, and the person so appointed shall undertake such duties as the President may direct.

The Council may also appoint other persons to the senior management team as deemed appropriate.

The President and the Deputy President shall be appointed by resolution passed by the votes of not less than two-thirds of all Council Members for the time being. The President or the Deputy President is a not a Member for the purpose of appointing himself/herself.

The Council may appoint any person to act as President during the absence or incapacity of the President or if that office is or becomes vacant for any reason.

The Senior Executives Evaluation and Compensation Committee (SEECC) under the Council makes recommendations on the appointment, re-appointment and/or removal of the President, the Deputy President & Provost and the Executive Vice President, as well as the terms and conditions of such employment inclusive of salary and benefits, for Council’s approval. The SEECC is also vested with the power to make decisions, on behalf of Council, on minor changes to the terms and conditions of employment of the above positions.

In addition, Council has delegated SEECC with the authority to approve, on behalf of the Council, the appointment, re-appointment and/or removal of Vice Presidents, as well as the terms and conditions of such employment inclusive of salary and benefits and the change thereof whenever deemed necessary and appropriate, at the recommendation of the President.

Associate Vice Presidents are appointed by the President on a concurrent basis.




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