The Senate is the highest authority on all academic-related matters within the University. As stated in Section 8A of the PolyU Ordinance, the Senate is appointed by the Council for the following purposes:


reviewing and developing academic programmes;


directing and regulating the teaching and research conducted in the University;


regulating the admission of persons to approved courses of study and their attendance at such courses;


conducting the examinations leading to the conferring of degrees and academic awards of the University;


determining the eligibility of persons to receive degrees, diplomas, certificates and other academic awards other than honorary degrees or honorary awards.

The Statute of Senate, established by the Council under Section 18 of the PolyU Ordinance, provides for:

the Powers and Duties of the Senate
the Membership and Quorum of the Senate
the Rules for the Holding and Conduct of Elections of Members of the Senate

The Senate may appoint committees for any general or special purposes as it thinks fit.

Subject to Section 8A(5) of the PolyU Ordinance, the Senate may, with or without restrictions or conditions as it thinks fit, delegate any of its powers and duties to any committee or to any member of the Senate.

The Senate shall not delegate a power that the Council may determine shall not be delegated.

The Senate is chaired by the President and its membership includes representatives from all Faculties/Schools and academic departments as well as the students.




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