Council decisions are posted on the Intranet for information of all University staff and students so that they are kept informed of Council affairs. On the other hand, it is absolutely necessary for Council Members and Observers to uphold their confidentiality obligation in handling Council documents and discussions.

Council documents are classified as either “restricted” or “confidential” as determined by the Chairman. Council Members shall not make public information in the “restricted” documents but may disclose such information to staff of the University on a need-to-know basis. Council Members shall not disclose any information in “confidential” documents to any person or party either within and outside the University, nor shall they make copies of or quote from such documents.

They should also take suitable measures to ensure the security of Council documents downloaded or stored in computers, iPads and other electronic devices. Council Chairman or the person presiding can determine a particular item as “Reserved Business” when deemed appropriate and necessary. The Student Members and Observers shall be excluded from participating in the “Reserved Business” of the Council.

The Council may also exclude the President, the Deputy President & Provost and/or other Staff Members of Council from the discussion of particular items of “Reserved Business” when deemed appropriate and necessary by the Chairman or the person presiding.

“Reserved Business” items inter alia may include the following:

(a) matters of a personal or confidential nature concerning individual staff members of the University;
(b) matters of a personal or confidential nature concerning individual students; and
(c) matters of high sensitivity and confidentiality which in the judgement of Management or the Council are more appropriately discussed by the Council in a closed session.

Council Members and Observers should keep all discussions and deliberations at Council meetings strictly confidential, unless with the permission of the Council Chairman. Announcement of Council decisions/business to the public shall normally be made by the Council Chairman. Alternatively, he/she can authorize an officer of the University to do so.