Guide to OBE
Developing a Programme Learning Outcomes Assessment Plan

(6) How the Data Will be Disseminated and Used for Improvement
A Step-by-Step Guide to Developing Your Programme LOAP
Develop an Implementation Schedule

What is expected or required?

  • List the programme outcomes assessment methods or activities proposed in Part I of your programme LOAP, and indicate for each: the academic year(s) during which it will be conducted, and the name of the person(s) who will take primary responsibility for implementing the assessment activity.

  • Assessment takes up valuable staff time and effort; we need to ensure that the assessment plan is feasible and affordable with given resources, and will not create excessive workload on staff.
Useful References
  • It is more meaningful to conduct systematic assessment on the key learning outcomes in rotation than trying to cover all of them every year in a superficial manner.
  • Schedule your outcomes assessment activities to align with internal QA (e.g., triennial business planning, Departmental Assessment, etc.) and/or external accountability processes (e.g., professional accreditation or other external reviews) to minimize duplication of effort.