EDC Support
If you are...
and want to...
EDC is here to support you!
Frontline Teachers
  • Know more about the concepts and methods of OBE
  • Enhance your outcomes statements, teaching and assessment methods
  • Write assessment criteria
FLTC/ DLTC/ Programme Leaders
  • Promote OBE in your faculty/department
  • Develop outcome assessment at programme level
  • Prepare for UGC Quality Audit/ programme (re)validation
OBA Fund Applicants/ Project Owners
  • Prepare project proposals
  • Get your project staff familiar with OBE
  • Disseminate project outcomes & deliverables

If you have inquiries about outcome-based approach in student learning and assessment or you want to seek support to work on the initiative, you are welcome to contact the following personnel:

Dr Christine Armatas (Outcomes Assessment) 2766 6284
Mr Kenneth Tam 2766 4103
Miss Kevinia Cheung 2766 4413