Guide to OBE
Developing a Programme Learning Outcomes Assessment Plan

(5) Criteria for Success
(7) Develop an Implementation Schedule
A Step-by-Step Guide to Developing Your Programme LOAP
How the Data Will be Disseminated and Used for Improvement

What is expected or required?

  • Explain how the outcomes assessment processes and results will be incorporated into your Department's generic Quality Assurance processes, and how it will be used for systematic programme review and improvement purposes.
  • If you would like to see an example of this, please refer to Note 6 in Appendix 3.
  • The ultimate goal of learning outcomes assessment is to improve student learning through evidence-based programme review - failing this, assessment becomes another meaningless bureaucratic chore.
  • You can use your outcomes assessment results/report for multiple purposes, such as for accreditation, as well as curriculum review and improvement.
  • Secondary uses of the results may include recruitment, alumni newsletter, publications and sharing with other universities, career services and securing grants.
Useful References
  • Assessment information is of little value unless it is shared with appropriate audiences and used in meaningful ways. The best use of learning outcomes assessment results is to share them with your colleagues and use the assessment data to aid evidence-based decisions or improvements at the programme and departmental level.
  • One way to achieve this is to incorporate programme outcomes assessment into the regular programme review process, and report the outcomes assessment data and improvement actions resulting from it in the Department's Business Plan and QA Report.
  • Describe clearly who will receive the outcomes assessment results by when and for what purpose, and how the results will be acted on to improve students' learning.