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PolyU Innovation Challenge is a start-up ideation competition in which PolyU students and young graduates can meet like-minded teammates, come up with new tech ideas and determine the business model. The competition aims to:

(1) source innovations for market pain-points

(2) encourage PolyU students and young graduates to form inter-disciplinary teams and gain initial entrepreneurship experience


Strategic Partners:

Chinachem Esri China (Hong Kong) HKT

Calling for Smart City Innovations!


We are looking for solutions harnessing the power of

problem statements 


5G Technology


(Slides shared by HKT in Pre-mixer)

1) Harnessing the power of 5G and Internet of Things ( IoT) to advance the goal of sustainability and decarbonization

5G and IoT can help businesses become smarter and more efficient by collecting and analyzing data in real-time to optimize processes and decision making, thus reducing the consumption of energy and resources.


2) Taking virtual healthcare consultation into mainstream

The development of 5G communication technology has provided the possibility of remote diagnosis and treatment. Pioneer telemedicine app platforms such as DrGo prove to be appealing to early adopters and what measures can be taken to move it into mainstream?


3) Applying 5G to smart mobility

Cellular? Vehicle to Everything (C-V2X) technology is expected to revolutionize road safety and efficiency in future. In near term, innovations in smart mobility can also be boosted by 5G technology.


Geographic Information System (GIS)


(Slides shared by Esri China (Hong Kong) in Pre-mixer)

1) How might a construction site manager make use of location intelligence to manage sites and enhance workers’ safety?


2) How might a construction company reform the traditional waste management practices on its sites and optimize the routing for waste transportation using spatial data in order to minimize the impact on the surroundings and maximize efficiency?


3) How might a construction site manager leverage spatial visualisation and analysis tools to perform asset tracking and analysis so as to ultimately achieve a holistic view of their assets on sites?


Property Technology (PropTech)


(Slides and video shared by Chinachem in Pre-mixer)

1) Automation for property cleaning

This includes cleaning of interior space and outer wall of buildings, including vertically curved outer wall.


2) Solutions for better energy usage of facilities and buildings

Interest areas include new materials that save energy consumptions, better energy management, chiller optimisation system, etc.



  • 20% Innovation
  • 20% Relevancy
  • 20% Feasibility
  • 20% Impact
  • 20% Team Competence


1. Knowledge Transfer and Entrepreneurship Office (KTEO) is the administrative unit (the "Unit") of the PolyU Innovation Challenge (the "Challenge"). It is responsible for all application, screening, shortlisting, assessment, awarding and follow-up processes.

2. Online applications must be completed on or before the application deadline. No application submitted after the deadline will be entertained.

3. Assessment Panels (the "Panels") will be designated to conduct the assessments in different phases when necessary. The decisions from the Panels shall be final and no appeal will be entertained. No communication will be entered into between the applicants and the Unit or the Panel members in relation to the decisions.

4. Applicants agree and acknowledge that the information submitted during their application process (including but not limited to the online application and subsequent submission of documents) shall be disclosed to the Unit, the trainers/ coaches and the Panel members. The Unit, the trainers/ coaches and the Panel members shall keep the information confidential and shall use the information solely for training/assessing purposes. NO non-disclosure agreement will be signed between the applicants and PolyU, the Unit, the trainers/coaches or the Panel members unless under exceptional circumstance supported by strong rationale from the applicant in writing.

5. Communications with an applicant, generally via email, will be directed to the Person-in-charge (the "PIC") stated in the online application. 

6. All Awardees should provide supplemental documentation requested by PolyU to receive the prizes.

7. Applicants agree not to make any claim or bring any action against PolyU, the Unit, the Panel members, the trainers/ coaches or advisors for any reason whatsoever or otherwise seek to recover from PolyU, the Unit, the Panel members, the trainers/ coaches or the advisors any costs incurred in relation to their applications or any loss of estimated profits or any other benefits which the applicant may anticipate to accrue from application of the Scheme.

8. The Unit reserves the right to disqualify any applications that, in its sole judgment, violate the rules and principles of the Challenge.

9. The Unit reserves the right to change the Challenge guidelines stipulated herein and elsewhere from time to time without prior notice.



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