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Student High Performance Computing (HPC) Platform consists of hardware servers and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) clusters for students to perform testing and development for their simulation or data analytics applications. Students are welcome to leverage GPU cluster to support computational need of their project / research works.


With containerised application process, GPU resources can be leveraged via GUI development tools, JupyterNotebook and on Python development environment. Application examples supported by this GPU cluster including:

GROMACS   High-performance molecular dynamics and output analysis
 LAMMPS  Molecular Dynamics Simulator
Python and
 Perform data analytics application on Machine Learning and Deep Learning
Singularity  Docker-like application to support the docker-based image using GPU like TensorFlow image from Nvidia

For the details of this GPU cluster, please make reference to the following information:

Students who are interested to use GPU cluster hardware resources for project / research works, please click here to create an account for Student HPC Platform.

For enquiries, please contact the IT HelpCentre (Tel: 2766 5900, WhatsApp/WeChat: 6577 9669).