- How to connect to Business Admin Applications at home that requires MFA VPN? (For staff)

Business Admin Applications

For some Business Admin Applications, you need perform Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) + VPN in order to use it, to do so:

  1. Install the PolyU VPN software, "Pulse Secure", on your home desktop machine.  Details could be found at the service webpage;
    • To setup VPN for this type, note with the following:
      • Profile name to be created: Admin VPN
      • Server URL: https://vpn.polyu.edu.hk
  2. Install MFA (Multi-Factors Authentication) mobile app, "Microsoft Authenticator", on a mobile/tablet. Details could be found at FAQ: What is PolyU Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)


After completing the above, follow the steps below:

Connect to PolyU Network with VPN + MFA:

  1. Start "Pulse Secure" on your home desktop machine and connect to PolyU with your NetID / NetPassword
  2. The VPN client will prompt for a "Enter Your Microsoft verification code":
    • On your mobile/tablet, start "Microsoft Authenticator"
    • Click on "The Hong Kong Polytechnic ..."
    • Enter the 6-digit password displayed on your home desktop machine
  3. Once VPN is connected successfully, you may access BI & SRS with a web browser


List of Applications requires MFA VPN:

AS Archived Student Record Sub-System
AR Graduation Services System
AR Student Record System
AR UGC Common Data Collection Format System
Business Intelligence Tool for AS, RO, Centre STARS & others
CPEO Cultural Event and Venue Management System - admin functions
OGUR Academic Counselling System (Admin)
RO Withdrawal System
RO Research Student Finance
Centre STARS Hall Information Management System
Centre STARS Scholarship and Financial Assistance System (Admin)
Centre STARS Polyu Online Student Services (Admin)
CAPS Work-Integrated Education Record System
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