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- Angus TSUI
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- Kenax LEUNG
- Mountain YAM

The School of Continuing and Professional Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUSCS) TOP

Aly CHAN, Founder of ALCH

Aly established the brand ALCH in 2014. She then launched her brand in D3 in the same year. In 2015, Aly participated in the Shenzhen Fashion Trade Show and launched her brand in D2 and online shops such as and ANFANGS生活美學

Yuen-wai KAN, Founder of SKETCHΔROUND

SKETCHΔROUND founded in 2013 by two Hong Kong-based designers, Kan and her friend Priscilla So, who have completed their Bachelor degree programme in the UK. The international study background followed by working experiences in high-end womenswear brands inspired them to build up a distinctive label calling for two statements of "Originality Surpasses Gender" and "Simplicity compacted with delicacy". The unisex brand focuses on pure fashion without gender orientation on wearability and continues to reinvent the conventional practices with innovative materials to create some exquisite tailor work with high sustainability and functionality. The meticulous craftsmanship planted in a purity of simplicity successfully arouse worldwide interest from Asian markets to various magazines in London, France, Australia, Greece, Los Angeles and Hungary. SKETCHΔROUND has been invited for runway show in London Fashion Week and will soon has the latest FW16 collection showcased at Tranoï in coming Paris Fashion Week.

At the present, four collections are launched at nine selected shops and online shops in both Hong Kong and Taiwan, which have been widely supported by local and foreign fashionistas, bloggers as well as artist such as Eason Chan, Richie Jen, Hins Cheung, Eric Kwok, BabyJohn, Cherry Bgan, Robynn & Kendy, Shino Lin.


Amy TAM, Founder of Eighteen growing once/EGO

Amy Tam established Hong Kong based fashion label Eighteen Growing Once/EGO with Mia Ngai. The brand embodies a feminine style that was inspired by the new generation of girls. The brand integrates cool, avant-garde, lifestyle, and strong self-attitude through the unique characteristics from the girls.

Eighteen Growing Once brings people with the infinite creativity to style up your mature and stylish look. Focusing on great attention to detail, proportion and selection of fabrics, Eighteen Growing Once transforms inspiration into fantastic fashions. The label illustrates bright and unusual design with mix-and-match that adds colour to people’s wardrobe.

EGO is a line of unique single item that remakes old clothes into fashionable design. Two founders, Amy and Mia are fashion design graduates who adore fashion and hand-made design. Focusing on diversity in design, evolution and long-lasting style with added hand-made elements, EGO is suitable for all fashion lovers. In the first quarter of 2013, the label garners much attention from artists such as Kay, Tse On Kei and Angel, Chiang Ka Man.  Its re-cycle design brings fresh look with their unique collections.


Jester TRAN, Founder of Jester Tran

Jester Tran is a Hong Kong-based designer specialised in one-of-a-kind evening and wedding gowns. She creates simple and elegant pieces for vivid memories in every woman’s life. She works hand-in-hand with her clients to ensure that all designs are not only stunning, but also accompanies them through any special moment in their lives. Jester also creates cocktail dresses and ready-to-wear to fulfill all sartorial needs of her clients. Her designs have won the brand accolades from their celebrity clients, which include Sammi Cheng and the Miss Chinese International Pageant. Jester is a member of Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association. She won the Most Marketability Award and First Runner Up in CUSCS Fashion Show 2013.
Caritas Bianchi College of Careers (CBCC) TOP

Janko LAM, Founder of Classics Anew

Classics Anew is a hybrid fashion label merging the Chinese traditional aesthetics with the modern values. With its unique, elegance, timeless cheongsam collections, it brings the nostalgic Chinese romance alive.

Having implemented the Chinese craftsmanship with modern fabrics like organic cotton, linen, denim and silk, the designer aims to turn the vintage clothing to the stylish yet comfortable daily piece. None-the-less, by emphasizing details like buttons, cuttings with Chinese tradition craftsmanship, Classics Anew re-establishes a wearable, tangible peaceful state of mind.

When the tradition meets the modern, Classics Anew not only turns the cheongsam into timeless classic feminine values, but it also recreates a nostalgic Chinese atmosphere for the modern fashion world. With the mission to pass on this cultural inheritance, Classics Anew thus brings their signature collections to a new fashion era.

Bethany MAK, Founder of BEM

Bethany Mak set up BEM in 2014. BEM is to design a new kind of essential with contemporary style and romanticism. Each design collection includes elements of femininity and modernity. The clean and chic style elicits extraordinary glamour. With fine quality material and craftsmanship, every design piece is unique. In BEM’s perspective, ambition on fashion, creativity and international insights are equally important.


Otto TANG, Founder of Oplus2

Otto Tang holds a BTEC Higher National Diploma in Fashion Design issued in 2000 from the University of Salford, and (BA) Hons Fashion Design issued in 2009 from University of Huddersfield. A prolific young practitioner of fashion design, Tang has participated in numerous fashion contests, and holds the notable distinction of winning outright the Young Designers Contest (Ten Best Collection), organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council in 2003, The Hong Kong New Collection Award (Overall Winner) organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council in 2005, and The Hong Kong Young Designer Talent Award 2007 Winner, organised by Hong Kong Design Center. Almost immediately after graduation, Tang joined veteran fashion designer Lu Lu Cheung to develop and apply skills in fashion design. In his current capacity as senior fashion designer, Tang has helped to create numerous acclaimed collections under the Lu Lu Cheung label, including several spring/summer and fall/winter collections from recent years.

Yannes WONG, Founder of Lapeewee

Yannes Wong established a local based fashion brand Lapeewee in 2013. Yannes believes that creativities and innovative ideas are the soul of our living, every single little thing is indispensably required for the inspiration process. Simple, meticulous and exquisite finishing is the main philosophy of her designs. Her design aims at delivering the truth meaning of fashion to her customer: It is not just a product, it is a life attitude.

Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) TOP

Calvin CHAN, Founder of The World is Your Oyster

The World is Your Oyster aims to provide the essential style for the new generation. The brand melds together the world of sleek menswear tailoring with a streetwear aesthetics. The collections often feature clean silhouette and surprising choice of material to give just the right amount of drama. Distinct aesthetic is achieved by playing great attention to small details in all of the designs, creating a twist in an unexpected and modern way.


Alex LAW, Founder of ALEX LEAU

This is a sustainable fashion brand in Hong Kong. The word ‘L'eau’ sounds similar to 'Law' in English, but in fact, it means 'water' in French. Every piece of ALEX LEAU design starts from a glass of water.

Angus TSUI, Founder of ANGUS TSUI

ANGUS TSUI is a fashion label with a mission to promote and advocate environmental sustainability in the fashion industry while providing edgy styles and unique aesthetics.

Shirley WONG, Founder of FromClothingOf

FromClothingOf was inspired by “ex-librīs” (“from library of”) which is a bookplate pasted into a book to indicate its owner. It represents “this is my book”. Based on this inspiration, the brand aims to let everyone to declare the ownership and find own clothing.
Institute of Textiles and Clothing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) TOP

Derek CHAN, Founder and Chief Designer of DEMO.

Walk on the line between science and traditional artistic spirit, Derek finds his balancing point in both sides with his own designer brand established in 2012, namely DEMO.. He started his professional experience in the fashion industry. ‘Contemporary Classic’ is his new formula for fashion. His design is balanced between classic and traditional style with modern touch. DEMO. means a DEMONSTRATION of fashion by oneself characters. Derek believes that fashion is a way to express personal lifestyle and mood. With his great interest and successfully launched brand, DEMO., he is studying at the Institute of Textiles and Clothing of PolyU for Master of Philosophy in Fashion and Textile Design to fulfill his dream of combining his interest in science and fashion together to create a product for his fashion experiment.


Dao CHEN, Founder of Chen Dao Fashion

Chen Dao has the most cutting edge in fashion – quite literally since his name means knife, Dao designs wearable, stylish looks for the young generation open to image experimentation.’ - i-D Magazine, London.

Lilian KAN, Founder and Chief Designer of KanaLili

KanaLili offers a wide range of ladies clothing and accessories, from Prêt-à-Porter to couture, providing a magical wardrobe that suits customers’ daily needs as well as memorable occasions.For bridal session, KanaLili offers off the rack purchase as well as be-spoke and rental services to meet every brides' needs.


Kay KWOK, Founder and Creative Director of KAY KWOK

KAY KWOK incorporates youth, style and technology into fashion. The design is known for being fashion-forward and daring to push the envelope.

Kenax Leung, Founder of kenaxleung

Established in 2012, the contemporary fashion label KENAXLEUNG originated in Hong Kong. It is a presentation of the combination of sportswear elements, installation arts, architectures and ethnic craftsmanship. Starting from the first season, combination of innovative materials and exquisite digital print is the signature of Kenax’s design. His collections had been shown in Paris, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong.

Inspired by flipping down his namesake label ‘kenaxleung’ by accident, Kenax created the mirror-like logo carrying an important and meaningful philosophy behind - paying attention to every detail on garment from inside out.


Mountain YAM, Founder of 112 mountainyam

Mountain Yam established 112 mountainyam in 2011. It is the representation of designer’s vision of what a contemporary, sophisticated and independent woman wants in her wardrobe. It is an intimate and affective expression of Yam’s sense in fashion, one that explores the concept of eco-futuristic, the contradictions and dualities inherent in each woman. The brand name includes Pantone code 112, representing a desire for energy, freedom and exploration.

Starting from 2012, 112 mountainyam has been introduced at the Hong Kong Fashion Week annually.  It was also presented during Paris Fashion Week, Netherlands Fashion Week, Taiwan Fashion Week, Beijing Fashion Week and Shanghai Fashion Week.  Now, the brand has worldwide footprints with distributions covering Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Italy and Germany, etc.  The brand has also gained the support from numerous celebrities, including Angelababy, Karen Mok, Angelica Lee, Shino Lin, Kay Tse, Ivana Wong, Jade Kwan, Sherman Chung, Shirley Yeung, Amy Chan, Kate Tsui, Helena Law, etc.