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Q1. What are the differences between Institutional Exchange and ITC Departmental Exchange?

Institutional exchange programmes are offered to students from all disciplines, while department-based ones are only open to students from ITC.
Students joining institutional exchange should first research on partner universities to identify suitable academic department and programme to study with. Students are encouraged to choose an overseas university that offers similar subjects to those in ITC. Students should personally choose programmes and subsequent subjects which allow credit transfer.
For departmental exchange, ITC has examined and ensure suitable curriculum of the partner institutions before signing up exchange agreements, therefore most courses are credit transferrable.

Q2. How long does the exchange programme lasts for?

ITC students are allowed to have exchange study for ONE semester.

Q3. Do I have to defer my studies after joining the exchange programme?

Not necessarily. Before you confirm your exchange, you are required to discuss your choice of subjects with your academic supervisor and to seek approval from him/her as to whether these subjects fulfill the credits requirements of PolyU. In other words, with the right choice of subjects, you will be allowed to transfer credits to meet the requirements of your PolyU programme, even when you are studying at a university overseas. You will be able to continue your studies at PolyU without any delay when you return from your exchange.

Q4. Do I need to sit for International English Tests?

It’s optional. For some study destinations, you may be required to sit for IELTS/TOEFL to meet the language requirement. For details, please refer toindividual exchange partner.
Students holding Chinese mainland passports must provide IELTS/ TOEFL results when applying for student visa to study in Australia or the Netherlands.

Q5. What are the maximum credits I can transfer?

The maximum credits that a student can take in one semester would be the number of full-loading credits suggested in the programme scheme book for that particular semester. For summer exchange, the maximum number of credits can be transferred are 3 elective course credits.

Q6. If I fail the subject there, would it affect my GPA at PolyU?

You will probably unable to transfer the credit back to PolyU.  You shall discuss your case with the departmental exchange officer in case it really happens. However, your GPA at PolyU will not be affected.

Q7. How is the accommodation arrangement? Can I apply for the student hall there or I have to rent the apartment by myself?

Normally, our partner universities will reserve places for exchange students at their student halls or partnered accommodation services.

Q8. Can I join more than one exchange programme?

Each PolyU stuent is entitled for one exchange opportunity during the entire undergraduate study. It means if student can participate in one of the exchange programmes, department or institutional exchange (overseas, mainland China or Taiwain, or summer exchange).
The exchange must be credit-transferrable.