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Call for applications - Summer Internship 2019 (EXTENDED Deadline: 25 January 2019) (FINAL deadline, no more extension!)

Summer internship enriches students’ learning experience through local or overseas practical training, which lay the ground for applying their practical experience to their final year projects or preparing for their future practice in the industry. Students will have more opportunities to pursue academic excellence and receive international exposure. Summer internship programme has the following unique characteristics:

  • The minimum duration of the internship is 7 weeks on a full-time basis during the summer period.
  • Double fulfillment - The summer internship experience can be counted towards WIE and also one of the following credit-bearing subjects in the BA programme:
    • Professional Attachment (ITC3221G)
    • Industrial Practice (ITC3023I)


Application procedures and tentative schedule

Timeline Detail Compulsory requirements for
WIE fulfilment Subject fulfilment
End Oct to Late May Pre-training   Yes
Mid-Dec Summer internship application Yes Yes
Late Dec to Mid-Jan Summer internship offering companies’ recruitment seminar   Yes
Jan to Feb Interview by ITC and/or employers Yes Yes
Late Feb Offer confirmation Yes Yes
Early Mar

Confirmation of counting summer internship towards WIE and/or subject fulfilment

Yes Yes
Mid-Mar Pre-departure briefing   Yes
Subject registration   Yes
Apr Faculty sponsorship and/or Offshore WIE Sponsorship (OWS) application    
Early May Submission of Learning Agreement Form Yes Yes
Submit a training proposal or learning contract   Yes
Mid-May to Mid-Aug Summer internship  
Within 2 weeks after completion of the internship   Yes
Submit employer’s evaluation Yes Yes

Detailed schedules are listed in the call for application each year. The above schedule is subject to changes without prior notice.


Minimum Wage Ordinance

Statutory minimum wage does not apply to the following student employees:

  • student interns; and
  • work experience students during a period of exempt student employment

It is important to note that the Minimum Wage Ordinance does not apply to interns/students with no employment relationship with the host organization or company. However, statutory minimum wage applies if a work experience student has not agreed with his or her employer to treat a certain period as a period of exempt student employment.

If students want to accept a job paid below the statutory minimum wage (including no-pay internship), please send a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for issuance of the corresponding document.



PolyU has in place a Group Personal Accident insurance (GPA) policy covering students taking on local and offshore activities.

Further protection has also been arranged through the ‘Top-up GPA for WIE activities’ for approved WIE activities. In order to be covered by the Top-up GPA, students are reminded to submit WIE application form to ITC as early as possible to seek PRIOR approval.


Additional requirements for subject fulfilment

1. Pre-training


Attend at least four training and workshops organised by CAPS/Faculty/ITC:

  • Resume and cover letter preparation
  • Interviewing skills
  • Glooming
  • Time Management
  • Teamwork and positive working attitude
  • Industry profiles
  • Expert seminars
  • Excel
  • AI/Photoshop

The above training/workshops are subject to changes without prior notice.

Students may choose to complete the pre-training one year ahead of participation in summer internship. In other words, students are encouraged to attend training in year 1 or 2, and participate in summer internship in year 2 or 3.

2. Learning Agreement and/or Training Proposal


Learning Agreement

All students must submit an Internship Learning Agreement Form online to ITC for PRIOR approval. This is compulsory for all summer interns if they are counted toward WIE and/or subject fulfilment.


Students will be notified by e-mail whether their proposed WIE activities are approved or not within 2 weeks after the day of request received. Only the approved job/internship will be considered as WIE record. 


Training Proposal

Subject lecturer may require students to submit additional training proposal.  In the proposal, students must list the 4 workshops/trainings completed and the time of completion.

3. Progress Monitoring


During the summer internship, students may request personal consultation/tutorial with their subject lecturer. In consideration of the student’s attachment commitments, this will be conducted on a face-to-face basis or via email and telephone.


It is important to note that employer’s evaluation will be taken into consideration for the subject assessment, students are advised to consult subject lecturer if they have encountered problems/difficulties in the workplace during the internship. Subject lecturer may also contact the attachment supervisor to monitor the students’ performance.

4. Online Learning Evaluation


Students are required to submit an Internship Student Evaluation Report online to ITC within 2 weeks for processing of grading.  Upon submission, the submitted student evaluation report will be sent to the student’s email address for record.


It is students’ responsibility to urge their workplace supervisors (employers) to complete online Internship Employer Evaluation Form on their work performance. Upon submission, employers will receive the evaluation reports in email. The same report will also be sent to the student’s email address. 


Students are required to print out in hard copies both Internship Student Evaluation Report and Internship Employer Evaluation Form, and submit to ITC general office for WIE assessment.


ITC general office will verify the submitted reports (email printouts) with the records saved in ITC WIE computer system and submit to the subject lecturer for assessment purpose.

5. Learning Portfolio and Presentation

  • In addition to evaluation, students may be required to submit a learning portfolio. Detailed requirements on learning portfolio can be found in the call for applications.
  • Students may be required to make an oral presentation.
  • Students or sponsorship awardees may be required to give a presentation on their internship or attend function(s) organised by PolyU/employers.