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TC students can look for internship/WIE opportunities via the following channels:

Option 1: via ITC

  • Any new internship/WIE opportunity will be announced through ITC website and e-mail. Students are highly recommended to check the online platform and student e-mail account regularly.
  • To apply for internship/WIE opportunity, students can submit their applications to ITC or directly to the employers as stipulated in the job notice before the given deadline
  • A shortlist of applications will be provided to the employers for further consideration and interview. Selected candidates for interviews will be notified by e-mail/phone from the employers or ITC


Option 2: via the Office of Careers and Placement Services (CAPS)

CAPS offers possible local/mainland/international programmes to fulfill WIE requirements. The office also provides career training and services to equip students with workplace skills and professional attitude. All job or internship opportunities are subject to the approval from ITC. Only approved activities will be counted towards WIE.


Option 3: Self-sourced by student

Students should submit an Internship/WIE Placement Learning Agreement Form to ITC to seek PRIOR approval for any self-sourced job that you want to be counted towards WIE. Only approved activities will be counted towards WIE.


Option 4: Highered - Global Career Platform

ITC with logo Highered

Highered is an online platform where students can login to seek international internships, trainee, graduate and full time positions from EFMD company members. Hundreds of quality global opportunities are present on the platform of Highered and updated every week. Highered platform service is free for EFMD Full Member schools, including PolyU. To use this service, please register highered platform with your polyu email address

Sign up and login to your personal platform to find internships, trainee positions, and graduate positions from companies around the world.

Click HERE to sign up and get started!

Click the following links for video tutorials:

How to sign up

How to use the platform

For the list of Internship Openings, please click here.