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In order to prepare students for their future practice in the industry and to nurture future talents for the fashion and textiles industry, companies in the industry are welcomed to offer internship opportunities to our students. Benefits of being a partner company of ITC includes:

  • ITC offers efficient and effective channels to recruit target students/graduates via company registration and job posting services
  • Sponsorships, allowances, and other learning incentives are offered to students. In other words, employers may have the opportunity to hire high-quality interns at very competitive wages
  • Tailored recruitment services e.g. consolidating students’ applications, screening, and nominations for summer internship


Company Registration

For companies that wish to offer fashion and textiles related internship or part-time job opportunity to ITC students, please complete a simple company registration via this online Company Registration Form.


Job Posting Services

Upon company registration, companies will receive their company IDs at their email addresses. Companies are welcome to use our Job Posting Services for the recruitment of student interns by completing an online Job Posting Form for each WIE/internship offered.


Specialised Summer Internship Programme

For specialised internship programmes, ITC offer tailored recruitment services every year, with the tentative schedule as follows:

Oct ITC’s invitations for summer internship offering for the coming summer
Nov   Employers’ indication of summer programme offering
Late Dec to Mid-Jan
  • Seminars to students (optional)
  • Student application (handle by ITC)
Jan to Feb Receiving student nominations with CVs from ITC
Feb Companies’ screening interviews (optional)
Early Mar  Employers’ confirmation of nominations to ITC
Mid-May to Mid-Aug Summer internship
Within 2 weeks completion of the internship

Employers submission of online evaluation (hyperlink)

In order for the employers to provide a thorough evaluation on student's performance, the Internship/WIE Placement Employer Evaluation Form should be submitted online within two weeks after the completion of the placement, but no earlier than one week before the end of the placement.

Students will provide their workplace supervisors with their names and email addresses and invite them to complete an online Internship/WIE Placement Employer Evaluation Form on their performance upon completion of the WIE placement.
Sept or Oct Students’ presentation (optional for employers)


Employer Evaluation (For specialised programme of WIE and/or Summer Internship only)

Employer involvement is important to monitor student learning progress and give appraisal at the end of the internship period.

To facilitate internship assessment, students will invite their workplace supervisors to complete an online Internship/WIE Placement Employer Evaluation Form with the student names and email addresses. Work supervisors can provide comments on students' performance at work. Basic and generic competency in the workplace will also be assessed. Supervisors will receive the submitted evaluation at their email addresses.


Minimum Wage Ordinance

Statutory minimum wage does not apply to the following student employees:

  • student interns; and
  • work experience students during a period of exempt student employment

It is important to note that the Minimum Wage Ordinance does not apply to interns/students with no employment relationship with the host organization or company. However, statutory minimum wage applies if a work experience student has not agreed with his or her employer to treat a certain period as a period of exempt student employment.



PolyU has in place a Group Personal Accident insurance (GPA) policy covering students taking on approved local and offshore internship activities.