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  Name Title Serving Period
Chair Professor of Polymer Science, PolyU Distinguished Chair Professor Scheme
Picture of Prof. Robert Young Prof. Robert Young

Professor of Polymer Science and Technology, University of Manchester, UK

2008-2011, 2015-2017

Research interests of Prof. Young include all aspects of the relationships between structure and mechanical properties of polymers and composites, and he has published a number of books and more than 300 papers in the field. He is listed in HighlyCited and has an H-index of 50.         

Visiting Professor
Picture of Prof. Hazel Clark Prof. Hazel Clark

Professor of Design Studies & Fashion Studies & Research Chair of Fashion

2008 - 2009

Prof. Clark has had a distinguished career as a teacher, administrator, and scholar in art and design education. She was one of the first graduates in Britain to be awarded a PhD in the history of design, and has since published and taught internationally on the history and theory of design, with a particular interest in design and cultural identity and a focus on fashion and textiles.         

Picture of Prof. Michael Hann Prof. Michael Hann

Chair of Design Theory, University of Leeds, UK; Director, The University of Leeds International Textiles Archive, UK


Prof. Hann has been involved in international consultancy since the 1980s particularly in Indonesia and Pakistan. In the main, this has involved advising small- and medium-sized companies on developing products for export. He has extensive experience also as an adviser on curriculum development         

Picture of Prof. Annamma Joy Prof. Annamma Joy

Professor, Faculty of Management, University of British Columbia, Canada

2007 - 2008

The research interests of Prof. Joy include culture, consumption, and markets, marketing of the arts, naturalistic inquiry, ethnicity and marketing, gender and consumption, marketing and development, and marketing in a postmodern world.        

Picture of Prof. Diane Sparks Prof. Diane Sparks

Professor, Department of Design & Merchandising, College of Applied Human Sciences, Colorado State University, USA

2006 - 2007

The teaching focuses of Prof. Sparks are apparel design, textile design and CAD for apparel and textile design. Her research interests include cross-culture apparel and wearable art design.       

Picture of Prof. Angela Woods Prof. Angela Woods

Head, Faculty of Design, National College of Art & Design, Ireland

2006 - 2007

Since graduating from the Royal College of Art with an MDes in Fashion Design, Prof. Woods has combined design, consultancy and teaching, and plays an active roll in the Institute of Designers in Ireland, the U.K.'s H.E.F.C. Research Assessment Council and the London Institute Quality Review Committee.         

Fulbright-PolyU Senior Scholar, Fulbright Scholar Programme
Picture of Dr Jung E. Ha-Brookshire Dr Jung E. Ha-Brookshire

Associate Professor, Department of Textile and Apparel Management, College of Human Environment Science, University of Missouri, USA


The research interests of Dr Ha-Brookshire include global supply chain and sourcing strategies, sustainable production and consumption of textile and apparel, and firm/industry identity issues.         

Kan Tong Po Visiting Professor
Picture of Prof. Boris I. Yakobson Prof. Boris I. Yakobson Karl F. Hasselmann Chair of Engineering, Professor of Chemistry, Rice University, USA 2009

Prof. Yahobson is a world-leading expert in theory and computational modeling of materials nanostructures, their mechanics, defects, and relaxation mechanisms in particular.