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Picture of Dr Di  Fan
Dr Di Fan
Assistant Professor
Fashion Retail & Marketing
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: 2766 6465
: ST708


Dr. Fan is currently an Assistant Professor in Fashion Business at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Before joining PolyU, he was an Assistant Professor at Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST, 2015-2018) and Senior Lecturer (Level C of Australian system) at the Australian National University (ANU, 2019-2020). He is a researcher in the area of sustainable operations management, e-business and buyer-supplier relations. He has published in prestigious academic journals including Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Journal of Operations Management, Decision Sciences, and International Journal of Operations & Production Management.

He has received several research awards including the IACMR 2017 Presidential Award of Responsible Research, 2018 Bank of China (Macau) research excellence award and 2020 Jack Meredith Best Paper Award of Journal of Operations Management. His research findings  were featured by The Guardian, Vogue Business, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age (Melbourne), Brisbane Times, Yahoo! UK, UCLA Anderson review, Macao Daily and etc. He is currently guest editing special issues for Journal of Operations Management and International Journal of Production Economics.

Dr Fan’s teaching experiences span various aspects of fashion business, including operations management, sourcing & logistics, enterprise systems, project management, decision making methods and business statistics. He had served as the program leader of Master of Supply Chain Management (MUST) and Master of Project Management (ANU).

Research Overview

Dr Fan’s major research stream is fashion sustainability. His research dedicates to reconcile the trade-offs between company’s financial and sustainability goals. His research covers the topics of:

  • Occupational health and safety.
  • Environmental impacts.
  • Business and communities.

The adoption of information technology in fashion business one of Dr Fan’s research focus. His research aims at providing implications for companies to adopt new technology to optimize operational process and increase competitiveness in today’s dynamic and complex business environment. His current research in the area covers the topics of:

  • Social commerce.
  • Distribution strategy.

Dr Fan’s future research focuses on the buyer-suppler relations in the cross-border contexts. He is currently editing a special issue “Global operations and supply chain management in the contexts of dynamic international relations” for Journal of Operations Management. His research in the area covers the topic of:

  • International relations and cross-border buyer-supplier relations.
  • Global supply chain resilience.
  • Global supply ecosystem.

Teaching Activities

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University:

2021: ITC512 International Trade & FDI in Textiles and Clothing,

2017, 2020: ITC 514 Sourcing and Logistics,

2020: ITC 4068M Merchandising Management.


The Australian National University:

2019: Business Decision Making,

2019: Enterprise System in Business,

2020: Tools and Techniques in Business Project Management.


Macau University of Science and Technology:

2015-2018: Business Statistics,

2015-2018: Project Management,

2016-2017: Decision Making Method,

2016-2018: Management Information System,

2017-2018: Operations Management.


Awards and Honours

Research awards:

2020 Jack Meredith Best Paper Award, Journal of Operations Management.

2018-2019 Wiley top downloaded paper (2020), Journal of Operations Management.

Bank of China (Macau) Research Excellent Award (2018), Macau University of Science and Technology.

Responsible research in management inaugural IACMR presidential award (2017), International Association for Chinese Management Research (IACMR).

Outstanding Reviewer: International Journal of Production Economics (2017), Elsevier.


Grants (> 50k HKD):

Diffusion of Corporate Social Responsibility in International Fashion Supply Chains: A Social Exchange Perspective (3 years: 2020-2023): PI. HKD$498,400. Start-up Fund for New Recruits. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Risk-based decision making for production resumption in the global supply chain: Evidence from the COVID-19 outbreak (1 year: 2020-2021): Co-PI. MOP$ 220,300. Higher Education Bureau of Macau.

The Consequences and Antecedences of Environmental and Occupational Safety Incidents: A Supply Chain Perspective (1 year: 2019-2020). PI. AUD$14,540, CBE Early Career Researcher Grant. Australian National University.

Selected Publications / Museum Collections / Exhibitions / Patents

Peer-reviewed Publications (* corresponding author) 

Chen, Y., Tang, T., Li, Y., Fan, D.* (2021). Does Interest Alignment between Hotels and Online Travel Agencies Intensify Review Manipulation?. Industrial Management & Data System. Accepted.

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