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Picture of Dr Eunsoo Baek
Dr Eunsoo Baek
Assistant Professor
Fashion Retail & Marketing
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: 2766 6429
: QT709


Postdoctoral Fellow, Design and Environmental Analysis, Cornell University, USA.

Ph.D. Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design (concentration: Fashion Marketing), Seoul National University, South Korea.

M.S. Marketing (concentration: consumer behavior), Seoul National University, South Korea.

B.S. Clothing and Textile (minor: Business administration), Yonsei University, South Korea.

Area of Specialization


Dr. Baek has taught courses such as fashion marketing and research methods in various universities in South Korea and Cornell University in the US. In PolyU, she has been teaching Fashion Visual Merchandising (ITC3047) and Fashion Retail Promotion (ITC4062).



Dr Baek's research focuses on understanding consumers in the retail setting based on consumer behavior theories and methodology. Her research has examined the effect of retail environmental elements (design, ambient, social, and product display, etc.) on shoppers and the interplay between them. Her recent projects are aimed to investigate the technology-driven consumer experience geared by tools such as VR/AR/3D displays and provide insights into managing and enhancing retail experience in the digital retail era.

***For those interested in, but not limited to, the aforementioned topics, please feel free to reach me out for research positions. (Ph.D. applicants with a strong psychology/statistics background preferred).

Research Grant

  • National Research Foundation (NRF) Korea. Co-I. "K-Lifestyle Co-Creation of Young Vietnamese Consumers." KRW 240,000K (= HK$ 1,550,000), 2020-2023.
  • TRSM Advancement Grant, Co-I. "Tech Engagement in Digital Retailing." CAD15,000 (=HK$ 85,900), 2020-2021.
  • RGC Grant, ECS (Early Career Scheme), PI. “Feeling Secure Inside these Walls: The Effect of Ceiling Height and Ontological Security on Retail Consumers." HK$ 642,460, 2020~2022.
  • SSHRC (Social Sciences Humanities Council of Canada) Co-I, “Examining Environmental Elements on Variety Seeking Behavior in Retail Settings”, CAD7,000 (=HK$ 40,000), 2019-2020.
  • UGC Grant, Start-up Fund for New Recruits (non-competitive), PI, "Virtual Reality as a Communication Tool." HK$ 495,311, 2018-2021.


Industry Consulting Projects

  • LOTTE Department Store (2012-2013) “C2 Avenuel Marketing Consulting”: Developing strategies for a brand new luxury department store, (This project was for AVENUEL WORLD TOWER opened in 2017)
  • The Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy, Korean Government (2013-2015) “Fashion Market Research”: Estimating the amount of fashion market and analyzing the market trends of South Korea (Example report available here)
  • Korea Federation of Textile Industries (2012) “The Entrance of Global SPA brands in Domestic Market and Strategies”:  Researching top global SPA brands in-depth and suggesting directions to Korean SPA brands (reports available here)
  • Jeju Air by Aekyung Group (2011-2012) “Developing Strategies of Brand Strength and Loyalty Program": The proposal was adopted and actualized Big Bang as the main model in 2012 (see related news here and publication available here)



Research Overview

Baek Eunsoo

Awards and Honours

Awards (selected)

  • Emerald Literati Award[Highly Commended], International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management 2019
  • Best Paper Award [Honorable mention], Journal of Global Fashion Marketing, 2017
  • Best Paper Award, The Society of Fashion & Textile Industry, 2014

Professional Service

  • Editorial Board Member, Fashion and Textiles, Springer (2020-)
  • Editorial Board Member, International Journal of Costume and Fashion (2020-)
  • Editorial Board Member, Fashion and Textile Research Journal (2019-)
  • Editorial Board Member, Journal of Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles (2019-)
  • Academic Board Member, Korea Distribution Association (KODIA) (2019-)


Selected Publications / Museum Collections / Exhibitions / Patents


  • Baek, E.*, Huang, Z., & Lee, S. H. (2021). More Than What Meets the Eye: Understanding the Effects of Poly-Contextual Cues in Online Fashion Retailing. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services. 60, 102504. [2019 IF=4.219]
  • Baek, E., & Oh, G.* (2021). Diverse values of fashion rental service and contamination concern of consumers. Journal of Business Research. 123, 165-175. [2019 IF=4.874]
  • Baek, E., Choo, H.J.*, Wei, X., & Yoon, S.Y. (2020). Understanding the virtual tours of retail stores: How can store brand experience promote visit intentions? International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, 48(7), 649-666. [2019 IF=2.321]
  • Song, H.K., Baek, E.*, & Choo, H.J. (2020). Try-on Experience with Augmented Reality Comforts Your Decision: Focusing on the Roles of Immersion and Psychological Ownership. Information Technology & People. 33(4), 1214-1234. [2019 IF=2.495]
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  • Choo, H. J.*, Lee, H. K., Baek, E., & Kwon, H. (2013). Research on price comparison of fashion brands in global market. Fashion Information and Technology, 10, 66-78.  - Selected Media Coverage (June 29, 2015): Arirang News, “Why are foreign goods more expensive in Korea,” Available here
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