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Picture of Dr Liu Rong
Dr Liu Rong
Assistant Professor
Fashion & Textile Technology - Clothing
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: 2766 6473
: ST705


Rong LIU is currently an Assistant Professor, ITC PolyU. She holds PhD degree in Textiles and Clothing Science and Technology, and MSc degrees in Biomedical Engineering and Clothing Engineering. Before joining ITC, Rong worked as Research Fellow in Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, Visiting Assistant Professor of College of Textiles, North Carolina State University (USA), and acted as R&D Manager, Technical Designer, and Innovation Research Project Director in Textiles and Apparel industries. Her research interests include functional compression textiles, ergonomic comfort, clothing biomechanics, and textiles/apparel product innovation for healthcare, rehabilitation, and active sports.  Rong has published 70+ SCI journal papers, book chapters, and conference proceedings, and received 18 granted patents, and 10+ international Design and Academic Research Awards.

Area of Specialization

Teaching area:

  • Advanced Clothing Technology
  • Fashion Product Design and Development 
  • Textiles and Apparel Materials & Processes 
  • Performance Analysis and Evaluation 

Research area:

  • Technical Compression Textiles 
  • Ergonomic Fit and Comfort
  • Biomedical Textiles/Apparel for Healthcare & Rehabilitation
  • High-Performance Athletic Sportswear
  • Clothing Biometric & Biomechanical Engineering
  • Textiles/Apparel Products Innovation & Development 

Supervision of Research Postgraduate Students

  • 4 PhD students as Chief-Supervisor (2 on-going, 2 completed)
  • 3 MSc students as Chief- and Co-Supervisor (3 completed)

Research Overview

Liu Rong


Teaching Activities

Teaching Subjects

  • Advanced Apparel Technology
  • Fashion Product Development
  • Garment Manufacture
  • Activewear Development
  • Introduction to Fashion & Apparel
  • Intimate Apparel Product Management
  • Advanced Apparel Techniques & Practice
  • Clothing & Textile Materials & Processes 
  • Practical Knitwear Pattern Design & Development
  • Advanced Performance Evaluation of Functional Apparel (Newly developed)
  • Academic Advising & Final Year Project FYP

Awards and Honours

  • Associate Editor, AATCC Journal of Research, 2019 - now.
  • Best Paper Award, Artificial Intelligence on Fashion and Textile Conference, 2018.
  • Innovation & Product Development Award, Hong Kong Textile Industry, 2017.
  • Bronze Medal -The 44th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva, Switzerland, 2016.
  • Best Dissertation Award, Interdisciplinary Division of Biomedical Engineering, PolyU, 2015.
  • Golden Pin Design Award, “Max-Active PRO 2.0 Kinetic Athletic Wear”, Taiwan Design Center, 2014.
  • Most Successful Design Award, Athletic Wear & “3D Sphereknit Max-Guard Gear", China, 2012-2014. 
  • Textile Vision Award, Compression Therapeutic Products, China National Textile & Apparel Council, 2014.
  • Outstanding Research Paper Award, Textile Bioengineering & Informatics Society, Hong Kong, 2011.
  • Fashion Technologist Designer, SANTONI S.P.A., Italy, 2010.
  • Exemplary Thesis Research Award (As Chief Supervisor), Institute of Textile Technology, North Carolina State University, USA, 2009.
  • Best Young Engineers Papers Competition Champion, BME-Biomedical Engineering International Conference, Hong Kong, 2006.

Selected Publications / Museum Collections / Exhibitions / Patents

Publication (selected) 

  • Liu R*, Guo X, Peng QJ, Zhang L, Lao TT, Little TJ, Liu JD, Chan E. Stratified body shape-driven sizing system via three-dimensional digital anthropometry for compression textiles of lower extremities. Textile Research Journal; 88(18): 2055-2075, 2018.
  • Liu R*, Liu JD, Lao TT, Ying M, Wu XB. Determination of leg cross-sectional curvatures and application in pressure prediction for lower-body compression garments. Textile Research Journal;89(10): 1835-1852, 2019.
  • Liu R*, TT Lao, T Little, XB Wu, X Ke. Can heterogeneous compression textiles design reshape skin pressures? A fundamental study. Textile Research Journal; 88(7):1915-1930, 2018.
  • Liu R*, Guo X, Lao TT, Little TJ. A critical review on compression textiles for compression therapy: Textile-based compression interventions for chronic venous insufficiency. Textile Research Journal; 87(9):1121-1141, 2017.
  • Liu R*, Little TJ, William JR. Compression Form-fitted Athletic Wear: Pressure Performance, Moisture Management Properties under Different Tension Ratios, and Corresponding Psychophysical Responses. Fibers and Polymers, Volume 15 (3), 632-644, 2014.
  • Liu R*, Lao TT, Wang SX.  Technical Knitting and Ergonomical Design of 3D Seamless Compression Hosiery and Pressure Performances in Vivo and in Vitro. Fibers and Polymers Vol.14 (8), 1391-1399, 2013.
  • Liu R*, Lao TT, Wang SX. Impact of Weft Laid-in Structural Knitting Design on Fabric Tension Behavior and Interfacial Pressure Performances of Circular Knits, Journal of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics, Vol. 8 (38), 83-90, 2013.
  • Liu R*, Wang SX, Lao TT. A Novel Solution of Monitoring Incontinence Status by Conductive Yarn and Advanced Seamless Knitting Techniques, Journal of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics, Vo.7, Issue 4, Dec. 1, 2012.
  • Liu R*, Little TJ, William JR. Elite Athletes Psycho-physiological Responses to Form-fitted Athletic Wear in Intensive Exercise based on 5Ps Model.Fibers and Polymers, Volume 13, Issue 3, 380-389, Mar, 2012.
  • Liu R*, Kwok YL, Lao TT. Effects of Skin Pressures by Compression Legwear on Resting Salivary Cortisol and Urinary Catecholamines Excretion in Women. Dermatologic Surgery (American Society for Dermatologic Surgery);38(1): 83–90, Jan. 2012.
  • Liu R*, Kwok YL, Li Y, Lao TT. Fabric Mechanical-Surface Properties of Compression Hosiery and their Effects on Skin Pressure Magnitudes when Worn. Fibers & Textiles in Eastern Europe, Vol. 18, No.2 (79): 91-97, 2010.
  • Liu R*, Lao TT, Kwok YL, Li Y, Tokura H. Effects of Compression Legwear on Body Temperature, Heart Rate and Blood Pressure following Prolonged Standing and Sitting in Women. Fibers and Polymers, 11 (1): 128-135, 2010.
  • Liu R*, Little TJ. Optimizing 5Ps for Compression Athletic Wear Comfort in Sports. Journal of Fiber Bioengineering and Informatics (JFBI), Vol.2, No.1: 44-55, 2009.  
  • Liu R*, Lao TT, Kwok YL, Li Y, Ying M. Effects of Graduated Compression Stockings with Different Pressure Profiles on Lower-limb Venous Structures and Haemodynamics. Advances in Therapy, 25(5): 465-478, 2008.
  • Liu R*, Lao TT, Kwok YL, Li Y, Ying M. Physiological Responses and Comfort Sensory Perception Towards Physical-mechanical Performance of Compression Hosiery Textiles. Journal of Fiber Bioengineering and Informatics, 1(1): 55-64, 2008.
  • Liu R*, Kwok YL, Li Y, Lao TT, Zhang X. Skin Pressure Profiles and Variations with Body Postural Changes beneath Medical Elastic Compression Stockings. International Journal of Dermatology, 46(5): 514-523, 2007.
  • Liu R*, Kwok YL, Li Y., Lao TT, Zhang X. Quantitative Assessment of Relationship between Pressure Performances and Material Mechanical Properties of Medical Graduated Compression Stockings (GCSs). Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 104(1): 601-610, 2007.
  • Liu R*, Kwok YL, Li Y, Lao TT, Zhang X. The Effects of Graduated Compression Stockings (GCSs) on Cutaneous Surface Pressure along the Path of Main Superficial Veins of Lower Limbs. Wounds – A Compendium of Clinical Research and Practice, 18(6), 150-157, 2006. 
  • Liu R*, Kwok YL, Li Y, Lao TT, Zhang X. A Three-dimensional Biomechanical Model for Numerical Simulation of Pressure Functional Performances of Graduated Compression Stocking (GCS). Fibers and Polymers, 7(4), 389-397, 2006.
  • Liu R, Kwok YL*, Li Y, Lao TT, Dai XQ, Zhang X. Numerical Simulation of Inner Stress Profiles and Deformations of Lower Extremity beneath Graduated Compression Stockings, Fibers and Polymers, 8(3): 301-308, 2007.
  • Liu R*, Kwok YL, Li Y, Lao TT, Zhang X. Effects of Materials Properties and Fabric Structure Characteristics of Graduated Compression Stockings (GCS) on the Skin Pressure Distributions.Fibers and Polymers, 6(4): 322-331, 2005.
  • Liu R*, Kwok YL, Li Y, Lao TT, Zhang X, Dai XQ. Objective Evaluation of Skin Pressure Distribution of Graduated Elastic Compression Stockings. Dermatologic Surgery (American Society for Dermatologic Surgery), 31(6), 615-624, 2005.
  • 18 Patents Granted