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Picture of Dr Joanne Yip
Dr Joanne Yip
Associate Professor and Associate Dean of Faculty of Applied Science and Textiles
Fashion & Textile Technology - Textiles
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: 2766 4848
: ST709


BSc. in Textile Technology (with the first class Honors), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Doctor of Philosophy, Institute of Textile and Clothing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Area of Specialization

Teaching specialties
Textile Materials, Warp Knitting, Production techniques and quality requirement in the intimate apparel and activewear market.

Research specialties
Her research interests include functional garments for scoliosis, new materials and technology, surface treatments on textiles, moulding or seamless techniques used in Intimate Apparel and Activewear.


Research Overview

Yip Joanne


Teaching Activities

(a) Subjects Taught (for the past 3 years)

Year Subject title Level
2020-present Textiles for Intimate Apparel and Activewear


2020-present Activewear Development BA
2015-present 3D Sew-free Technology BA
2015-present Industrial practice BA
2005-present Expert seminar BA
2006-2014 Advanced Moulding Technology BA
2005-2014 Summer Practical Training BA
2011-2015 Freshman Seminar BA
2008-2011 Lingerie Fashion Business BA
  2009 Textile Materials BA

(b) Supervision of Research Postgraduate Students

      9 PhD and 6 MPhil students as Chief-Supervisor; 6 PhD and 3 MPhil students as Co-Supervisor

Awards and Honours

Awards (selected)

  • Champion – The 4th Hong Kong Innovation Day, The Global Healthcare Innovation Academy, Toronto, Canada, 2020 
  • FAST Faculty Team Award – Research and Scholarly Activities, 2019
  • Gold Medal – “Flexible scoliotic brace with shape memory alloy struts” – Silicon Valley International Invention Festival, California USA, 2019
  • Gold Medal - “Tank-Top with Biofeedback System for Adolescents with Scoliosis” - The 45th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva, Switzerland, 2017
  • Gold Medal - “Posture Correction Girdle for Adolescents with Early Scoliosis” - The 43rd International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva, Switzerland, 2015
  • Gold Medal - “Development of Hygienic Socks for Patients with Tinea Pedis” The 40th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva, Switzerland, 2012

Selected Publications / Museum Collections / Exhibitions / Patents

Publications (selected)

  • Liang R., Yip J., Yu W., Chen L., Lau N.M.L., (2019) “Numerical simulation of nonlinear material behavior: Application to sports bra design” Materials & Design, Vol 183, 108177.
  • Chan W.Y., Yip J., Yick K.L., Ng S.P., Lu L., Cheung K.M.C., Kwan K.Y.H., Cheung J.P.Y., Yeung K.W.K, Tse C.Y. (2018) “Mechanical and Clinical Evaluation of a Shape Memory Alloy and Conventional Struts in a Flexible Scoliotic Brace” Annals of Biomedical Engineering, Volume 46, Issue 8, 1 August 2018, Pages 1194-1205.
  • Ganesan B, Luximon A, Al-Jumaily AA, Yip J, Gibbons PJ and Chivers A (2018) “Developing a Three-Dimensional (3D) Assessment Method for Clubfoot—A Study Protocol” Physiol. 8:1098. doi: 10.3389/fphys.2017.01098
  • Garcia Kwok, Yip J., Kit-Lun Yick, Mei-Chun Cheung, Chi-Yung Tse, Sun-Pui Ng, Ameersing Luximon (2017) “Postural Screening for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis with Infrared Thermography, Scientific Reports, 7(1) p. 14431.
  • Luk C.H.J., Yip J., Yuen C.W.M., Pang S.K., Lam K.H., Kan C.W., (2017) “Biosorption performance of encapsulated Candida krusei for the removal of copper (II)”, Scientific Reports, 7(1), art. No. 2159.


  • U.S. patent 10,624,579 Granted date: (21 April 2020) “Body-sensing tank top with biofeedback system for patients with scoliosis”
  • U.S. patent no. US9,398,972 B2 (2016) “Posture correction girdle and the method of correcting spinal deformity”
  • U.S. patent no. 9,241,513 B2 (2016) “Item of clothing for daily pharmacological treatment of a fungal infection”
  • U.S. non-provisional patent application no. 14/613,337 (2015) “Body-sensing tank top with biofeedback system for patients with scoliosis”

Knowledge Transfer

  • Licensing agreement with Sky Elegant International Ltd. (2020) “Reusable face mask”
  • Licensing agreement with Active Biotechnology Hong Kong Ltd. (2019) “Body-sensing tank top with biofeedback system”
  • Licensing agreement with Orthopoly Ltd. (2017) "Development of Posture Correction Girdle for Adolescents with Early Scoliosis”
  • Licensing agreement with Vincent Medical (2014) “Development of Hygienic Socks for Patients with Tinea Pedis (Athlete’s Foot) Through Microencapsulation Technology”