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Picture of Dr Tao Hua
Dr Tao Hua
Associate Professor
Fashion & Textile Technology - Textiles
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: 2766 7874
: QT727


Dr Tao Hua (華濤) is currently an Associate Professor (副教授) in Institute of Textiles and Clothing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He was a Visiting Scholar at the University of California, Davis, USA in 1998. Prior to joining ITC, he was an Associate Professor at Jiangnan University in China and then a Research Fellow at ITC of PolyU. He has rich teaching and research experience in textile materials and technologies. He has published more than 120 journal papers, conference proceedings and patents. His recent work on flexible and wearble sensors and energy devices has been published in leading material, sensor and energy journals such as Advanced Energy Materials, Advanced Materials, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, Small, Nano Research, Carbon and Journal of Power Sources. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, Member of Textile Institute, Member of The Fiber Society, Member of the Hong Kong Institution of Textile and Apparel and Consulting Editor (Weaving Technology) of Textile Asia. He received First Class Award of Science and Technology by the China National Textile and Apparel Council in 2009 and China Innovation Achievement Award by the National Industry, Academia and Research Innovation Society in 2014. He has recently won the Early Career Award (香港 [2016/2017年度杰青学者奖], Top 3% ) granted by the Hong Kong Research Grants Council (RGC) in 2016/17 in recognition of his excellent research performance.

MEng in Textile Materials, China Textile University (now Donghua University)
PhD in Textile Technology, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Visiting Scholar at the University of California, Davis, USA


Area of Specialization

Textile-based Wearable Electronics and Systems (Sensors and Energy Devices)  (纺织基可穿戴电子器件和系统)


Yarn and Fabric Technologies (纺纱和织造技术)                                                  


RA, PhD and Postdoctoral positions are available.  

(Backgrounds in textile technology and chemistry, wearable and soft electronics, polymer science are preferred.)

Interested applicants please send your inquiry and a complete CV to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                        


Research Overview

Hua Tao

Teaching Activities

(a) Subjects Taught (for the past 3 years)

Year Subject title Level
2017-2020 Woven Fabric Technology BA
  Woven Fabric Design Project BA
  Yarn Design Project BA
   Fabric Technology I & II BA

(b) Supervision of Research Postgraduate Students

Completed:  1 PhD as Chief-Supervisor, 3 PhDs and 1 MPhil as Co-Supervisor         

On-going:     3 PhDs as Cheif Supervisor, 1 PhD as Co-Supervisor

Awards and Honours

Awards (selected)

  • Best Poster Award, The Fiber Society 2019 Spring Conference, 2019
  • Early Career Award 2016/2017, Research Grants Council of Hong Kong, University Grants Committee of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 2016
  • China Collaboration and Innovation Achievement Award, National Industry, Academia and Research Innovation Society, China, 2014
  • Excellent Award, 8th From Lausanne To Beijing International Fiber Art Biennale, China National Academy of Painting, 2014
  • First Class Award of Science and Technology — National Textile and Apparel Council, China, 2009
  • Outstanding Teacher, Jiangnan College, China, 2000
  • Rong Zhiquan Teaching Award, Jiangnan College, China, 1997
  • Nomination of Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Wuxi, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China, 1995

Selected Publications / Museum Collections / Exhibitions / Patents

Publications (selected)

Textile-based Wearable Electronics and Systems (Sensors and Energy Devices)

  • Niu B, Hua T and Xu BG, (2020) Robust Deposition of Silver Nanoparticles on Paper Assisted by Polydopamine for Green and Flexible Electrode, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 8, 12842–12851. (Impact Factor: 7.632, Q1)
  • Zhang LS, Yang B, Liu SP, Hua T and Tao XM, (2020) Predicting Performance of Fiber Thermoelectric Generator Arrays in Wearable Electronic Applications, Nano Energy, 76, 105117. (Impact Factor: 16.602, Q1)
  • Niu B, Yang S, Hua T, Tian X and Koo MK, (2020) Facile Fabrication of Highly Conductive, Waterproof, and Washable E-textiles for Wearable Applications, Nano Research, (Impact Factor: 8.183, Q1)
  • Tian X, Chan KH, Hua T, Niu B and Chen S, (2020) Wearable Strain Sensors Enabled by Integrating One-dimensional Polydopamine-enhanced Graphene/polyurethane Sensing Fibers into Textile Structures, Journal of Materials Science, 55 (36), 17266-17283. (Impact Factor: 3.553, Q2)
  • Xu JT, Li XT, Wang YX, Hua T, Guo RH, Miao DG and Jiang SQ, (2020) Flexible, Stable and Sensitive Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering of Graphite/titanium-cotton Substrate for Conformal Rapid Food Safety Detection, Cellulose, 27, 941-954. (Impact Factor: 4.21, Q1)
  • Niu B, Hua T, Hu HB, Xu BG, Tian X, Chan KH, Chen S, (2019) A Highly Durable Textile-Based Sensor as Human-Worn Material Interface for Long-Term Multiple Mechanical Deformation Sensing, J Mater Chem C, 7, 14651-14663. (Impact Factor: 7.059, Q1) 
  • Chen YJ, Xu BG, Xu J, Wen JF, Hua T and Kan CW, (2019) Graphene-based In-planar Supercapacitors by a Novel Laser-scribing, In-situ Reduction and Transfer-printed Method on Flexible Substrates, Journal of Power Sources, 420, 82-87, 2019. (Impact factor: 8.247, Q1)
  • Zhang LS, Lin SP, Hua T, Hang BL, Liu SR, Tao XM, (2018) Fiber-based Thermoelectric Generators: Materials, Device Structure, Fabrication, Characterization and Applications, Adv Energy Mater, 8(5), 1700524. (Impact Factor: 24.884, Q1)
  • Li XT, Hu HB, Hua T., Xu BG, Jiang SX, (2018) Wearable Strain Sensing Textile based on One-dimensional Stretchable and Weavable Yarn Sensors, Nano Res, 11, 5799-5811. (Journal cover paper) (Impact Factor: 8.515, Q1)
  • Hu HB, Bai ZM, Niu B, Wu MZ, Hua T, (2018) Binder-free Bonding Modularized MXene Thin Films into Thick Film Electrodes for On-chip Micro-supercapacitor with Enhanced Areal Performance Metrics, J Mater Chem A, 6, 14876-14884. (Impact Factor: 10.733, Q1)
  • Wei HM, Hu HB, Feng J, Zhang M and Hua T, (2018) Yarn-form Electrodes with High Capacitance and Cycling Stability Based on Hierarchical Nanostructured Nickel-cobalt Mixed Oxides for Weavable Fiber-shaped Supercapacitors, Journal of Power Sources, 400, 157-166. (Impact Factor: 7.467, Q1)
  • Chen YJ, Xu BG, Wen JF, Gong JL, Hua T, Kan CW and Deng JF, (2018) Design of Novel Wearable, Stretchable and Waterproof Cable-type Supercapacitors based on High-Performance Nickel Cobalt Sulfide-coated Etching-annealed Yarn Electrodes, Small, 14(21), 1704373.  (Impact Factor: 10.856, Q1) 
  • Chen YJ, Xu BG, Wen JF, Hua T, Kan CW and Deng JF, (2018) Design of High-Performance Wearable Energy and Sensor Electronics from Fiber Materials, ACS applied materials & interfaces 11 (2), 2120-2129. (Impact factor: 8.456, Q1)      
  • Hu HB, Hua T, (2017) An Easily Manipulated Protocol for Patterning of MXenes on Paper for Planar Micro-supercapacitors, J Mater Chem A, 5, 19639–19648. (Journal cover paper) (Impact Factor: 9.931, Q1)
  • Li XT, Hua T and Xu BG, (2017) Electromechanical Properties of a Yarn Strain Sensor with Graphene-sheath/Polyurethane-core, Carbon, 118, 686-698. (Impact Factor: 7.082, Q1)
  • Wang XH, Wu XX, Xu BG and Hua T, (2016) Coralloid and Hierarchical Co3O4 Nanostructures Used as Supercapacitors with Good Cycling Stability, J Solid State Electrochem, 20:1303–1309. (Impact Factor: 2.316, Q2)
  • Liao CZ, Zhang M, Yao MY, Hua T, Li L and Yan F, (2015) Flexible Organic Electronics in Biology: Materials and Devices, Advanced Materials, 27(46), 7493–7527. (Impact Factor: 18.960, Q1)
  • Wang XH, Jie Gao J, Xu BG, Hua T and Xia HY, (2015) ZnO Nanorod/nickel Phthalocyanine Hierarchical Hetero-nanostructures with Superior Visible Light Photocatalytic Properties assisted by H2O2, RSC Advances, 5(106), 87233-87240. (Impact Factor: 3.289, Q2)
  • Li L, Au WM, Hua T and Ding F, (2014) Smart Textiles: A Design Approach for Garments Using Conductive Fabrics, The Design Journal, 17(1), 137-154.
  • Li J, Lee, KI, Lu XK, Bao SP, Hua T, Xin HZ and Fei B, (2013) In-suit Growth of Pine-needle-like Tungsten Oxide Nanowire Arrays on Carbon Nanofibers, Materials Letter, 99,  131-133. (Impact Factor: 2.269, Q1)
  • Wang YY, Hua T, Zhu B, Li Q, Yi WJ and Tao XM, (2011) Novel Fabric Pressure Sensors: Design, Fabrication and Characterization, Smart Materials and Structures, 20(6), 065015. (Impact Factor: 2.089, Q1)
  • Li L, Au WM, Hua T and Wong KS, (2011) Design of Conductive Fabric Network by Sheet Resistance Method, Textile Research Journal, 81(15), 1568-1577. (Impact Factor: 1.122, Q1)
  • Shu L, Hua T, Wang YY, Li Q, Feng DD and Tao XM, (2010) In-Shoe Plantar Pressure Measurement and Analysis System Based on Fabric Pressure Sensing Array, IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine, 14(3), 767-775. (Impact Factor: 1.707, Q2)

Yarn and Fabric Technologies

  • Chen S, Tian X, Hua T, Chan KH, Fu JM and Niu B, (2020) Exploring the Relationship between Applied Fabric Strain and Resultant Local Yarn Strain within the Elastic Fabric based on Finite Element Method, Journal of Materials Science, 55: 10258–10270. (Impact Factor: 3.553, Q2)
  • Feng J, Zhang M, Hua T and Chan KH, (2020) Study of a Newly Structuralized Meta-aramid/cotton Blended Yarn for Fabrics with Enhanced Flame-resistance, Textile Research Journal, 90 (5-6), 489-502. (Impact Factor: 1.926, Q1)
  • Zulifqar A, Hua T and Hu H, (2019) Single- and Double-Layered Bistretch Auxetic Woven Fabrics Made of Nonauxetic Yarns Based on Foldable Geometries, Physica Status Solidi (B), 1900156. (Impact Factor: 1.454, Q2)
  • Cao HJ, Zulifqar A, Hua T and Hu H, (2018) Bi-stretch Auxetic Woven Fabrics based on Foldable Geometry, Textile Research Journal, 89 (13), 2694-2712. (Impact Factor: 1.613, Q1)
  • Lau Yiu Tang, Xiao Tian and Hua T, (2018) Enhancement of Colour Effects of Dyed-Yarn Mixed Fabrics Using Cramming Motion and Finer Polyester Yarns, Polymers, 10(7), 783. (Impact Factor: 3.164, Q1)
  • Hua T, Tang LY, Chiu WY and Tian X, (2018) Color Attributes of Colored-Yarn Mixed Woven Fabrics Made of Raw-White Warps and Multicolored Wefts and Based on Weft-Backed Structures, Polymers, 10(2), 146,  2018. (Impact Factor: 3.164, Q1)
  • Hua T, Wong NS and Tang WM, (2018) Study on Properties of Elastic Core-spun Yarns Containing a Mix of Spandex and PET/PTT Bi-component Filament as Core, Textile Research Journal, 88(9), 1065-1076. (Impact Factor: 1.613, Q1)
  • Zulifqar A, Hua T and Hu H, (2018) Development of Uni-stretch Woven Fabrics with Zero and Negative Poisson’s Ratio, Textile Research Journal, 88(18) 2076–2092. (Impact Factor: 1.540, Q1)
  • Chae YJ, Hua T and Xin HZ, (2017) Three-Dimensional Color Prediction Modeling of Single- and Double-Layered Woven Fabrics, Color Research and Application, 43(1), 130-141. (Impact Factor: 1.023, Q3)
  • Chae YJ, Xin HZ, Hua T and Luo M, (2017) Color Appearance Modeling of Bicolor Striped Woven Fabrics Considering Neighboring Color Effects, Color Research and Application, 42(4), 512-521. (Impact Factor: 1.023, Q3)
  • Xiao XL, Long A, Qian K, Zeng XS and Hua T, (2017) Through-thickness Permeability of Woven Fabric under Increasing Air pressure: Theoretical Framework and Simulation, Textile Research Journal, 87(13), 1631–1642. (Impact Factor: 1.540, Q1)
  • Hua T, Lo WW and Xiao XL, (2016) An Experimental Study of Multicolored Composite Yarns for Woven Fabrics by Friction Spinning Method, Textile Research Journal, 86(4), 409-422. (Impact Factor: 1.299, Q1)
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  • Jiang SQ, Hua T, (ed.), (2013) Digital Jacquard: Mythologies, ISBN 9789623677622, The HK PolyU.

Patents (selected)

  • Tao XM, Wang YY, Hua T, Zhu B and Li Q, Flexible Pressure Sensor and Flexible Pressure Sensing Array, CN Patent No. CN102770742 B, 2015.
  • Tao XM, Hua T, Wang YY, Li Q and Chow YK, Manufacturing Method of Fabric Type Pressure Sensor and Manufacturing Tool, CN Patent No. CN 102410895 B, 2014.
  • Tao XM, Zhu B, Hua T, Wang YY, Shu L and Sun SM, Film Type Wind Pressure Sensor and Corresponding Wireless Sensor Network, CN Patent No. CN 102455234 B, 2014.
  • Tao XM, Wang YY, Hua T, Zhu B and Li Q, Soft Pressure Sensing Device, US Patent 8393228 B2, 2013.
  • Hua T, “Manufacturing Method and Apparatus for Producing All Staple Fiber Composite Yarns”, CN 107488897 B2, 2019.
  • Tao XM, Hua T, Xu BG and Feng J, Methods and Apparatus for Reducing Residual Torque and Neps in Singles Ring Yarns, US Patent 8544252 B2 2013.
  • Tao XM, Xu BG, Hua T, Feng J, Guo H and Jia YH, Method and Apparatus for Imparting False Twist to Yarn before Ring Spinning, US Patent No. US 8549830 B1, 2013.