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Picture of Prof. Bingang Xu
Prof. Bingang Xu
Fashion & Textile Technology - Textiles
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: ST745


Bingang Xu is a full professor in Institute of Textiles and Clothing at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He serves now as the Discipline Leader of Fashion and Textile Technology in the department. Prof. Xu has published over 180 book chapters, journal and conference papers, and also holds 12 granted patents. His research interests include smart and sustainable wearables, energy conversion and energy storage, computational modeling, computer vision and artificial intelligence. Prof. Xu's recent work on sustainable and energy materials/devices and computer vision model has been published in high-impact SCI journals such as Advanced Materials, Applied Catalysis B-Environmental, Nano Energy, Energy Storage Materials, Nano-Micro Letters, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, Small, and IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics. As the Principal Investigator, Prof. Xu has led his team to consecutively win Gold Awards with the Congratulations of Jury in International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva in Switzerland, in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

Prof. Xu is now serving as a reviewer for over 30 international journals including Applied Mathematical Modeling, Neurocomputing, Advanced Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, Nano Energy, Applied Catalysis B-Environmental, ACS Nano, Small, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, Chemical Engineering Journal, etc. He has been invited as General Chair, Co-chair, Editor, Co-editor, Keynote Speaker, and Section Chair for a number of international conferences, and also served as a TPC member for over 20 international conferences with themes in advanced materials, energy and power, electrical engineering and automation, materials and environmental, computer science and artificial intelligence, mechanical and applied mathematics. Prof.  Xu is currently on the Editorial Board and served as Guest Editor of a number of SCI journals, also served as External Assessor and Examiner for overseas research grant proposals and PhD thesis.

Area of Specialization

- Smart and Sustainable Wearables

- Energy Conversion, Storage and Management

- Computational Modeling and Simulation

- Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence

Research Overview

Recent Publications (selected)

  • Gong JL, Xu BG*, Yang YJ, Wu MJ, Yang B, An adhesive surface enables high‐performance mechanical energy harvesting with unique frequency‐insensitive and pressure‐enhanced output characteristics, 32(14), 1907948, Advanced Materials, 2020 (IF=27.398, Q1)
  • Jing T, Xu BG*, Yang YJ, Li MQ, Gao YY, Organogel electrode enables highly transparent and stretchable triboelectric nanogenerators of high power density for robust and reliable energy harvesting, 78, 105373, Nano Energy, 2020 (IF=16.602, Q1)
  • Jing T, Xu BG*, Xin J, Guan XY, Yang YJ, Series to parallel structure of electrode fiber: an effective method to remarkably reduce inner resistance of triboelectric nanogenerator textiles, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, accepted, 2021  (IF=11.301, Q1)
  • Guan XY, Xu BG*, Gong JL, Hierarchically architected polydopamine modified BaTiO3@P(VDF-TrFE) nanocomposite fiber mats for flexible piezoelectric nanogenerators and self-powered sensors, 70, 104516 , Nano Energy, 2020 (IF=16.602, Q1)
  • Peng Y, Wang KK, Liu T, Xu J, Xu BG*, Synthesis of one-dimensional Bi2O3-Bi2O33 heterojunctions with high interface quality for enhanced visible light photocatalysis, 203, 946-954, Applied Catalysis B-Environmental, 2017 (IF=16.683, Q1)
  • Guan XY, Xu BG*, Wu MJ, Jing T, Yang YJ, Gao YY, Breathable, washable and wearable woven-structured triboelectric nanogenerators utilizing electrospun nanofibers for biomechanical energy harvesting and self-powered sensing, 80, 105549,  Nano Energy, 2021 (IF=16.602, Q1)
  • Wen JF, Xu BG*, Gao YY, Li MQ, Wearable technologies enable high-performance textile supercapacitors with flexible, breathable and wearable characteristics for future energy storage, 37, 94-122 , Energy Storage Materials, 2021 (IF=16.280, Q1)
  • Gong JL, Xu BG*, Guan XY, Chen YJ, Li SY, Feng J, Towards truly wearable energy harvesters with full structural integrity of fiber materials, 58, 365-374, Nano Energy, 2019 (IF=16.602, Q1)
  • Jing T, Xu BG*, Yang YJ, Organogel electrode based continuous fiber with large-scale production for stretchable triboelectric nanogenerator textiles, 84, 105867, Nano Energy, 2021 (IF=16.602, Q1)
  • Wen JF, Xu BG*, Zhou JY, Xu JT, Chen YJ, 3D patternable supercapacitors from hierarchically architected porous fiber composites for wearable and water-proof energy storage, 15(25), 1901313, Small, 2019 (IF=11.459, Q1)
  • Jing T, Xu BG*, Yang YJ, Liquid doping materials as micro-carrier of functional molecules for functionalization of triboelectric materials and flexible triboelectric nanogenerators for energy harvesting and gesture detection, 74, 104856 , Nano Energy, 2020 (IF=16.602, Q1)
  • Chen YJ, Xu BG*, Wen JF, Gong JL, Hua T, Kan CW, Deng JF, Design of novel wearable, stretchable and waterproof cable-type supercapacitors based on high-performance nickel cobalt sulfide-coated etching-annealed yarn electrodes, 14(21), 1704373, Small, 2018 (IF=11.459, Q1)
  • Song W, Fan X*, Xu BG, Yan F, Cui H, Wei Q, Peng R, L Hong, J Huang, Ge Z, All-solution-processed metal-oxide-free flexible organic solar cells with over 10% efficiency, 30(26), 1800075, Advanced Materials, 2018 (IF=27.398, Q1)
  • Wen JF, Xu BG*, Zhou JY, Towards flexible and wearable embroidered supercapacitors from cobalt phosphides decorated conductive fibers, 11, 89, Nano-Micro Letters, 2019 (IF=12.264, Q1)
  • Jing T, Xu BG*, Yang YJ, Jiang C, Wu MJ, Interfacial modification boosted permittivity and triboelectric performance of liquid doping composites for high-performance flexible triboelectric nanogenerators, 78, 105374, Nano Energy, 2020 (IF=16.602, Q1)
  • Wan J, Xia Y, Fang J*, Zhang Z, Xu BG, Wang J, Ai L, Song W, Hui K, Fan X, Li Y, Solution-processed transparent conducting electrodes for flexible organic solar cells with 16.61% efficiency, 13, 44, Nano-micro Letters, 2021 (IF=12.264, Q1)
  • Guan XY, Gong JL, Xu BG*, 3D conformal porous microstructural engineering of textile substrates with customized functions of brick materials and inherent advantages of textiles, 12(15), 17967–17978, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2020  (IF=8.758, Q1)
  • Wen JF, Xu BG*, Zhou JY, Towards 3D knitted-fabric derived supercapacitors with full structural and functional integrity of fiber and electroactive materials, 473, 228559, Journal of Power Sources, 2020  (IF=8.247, Q1)
  • Chen YJ, Xu BG*, Gong JL, Wen JF, Hua T, Kan CW, Deng JF, Design of high-performance wearable energy and sensor electronics from fiber materials, 11(2), 2120–2129, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2019 (IF=8.758, Q1)
  • Chen YJ, Xu BG*, Xu JT, Wen JF, Hua T, Kan CW, Graphene-based in-planar supercapacitors by a novel laser-scribing, in-situ reduction and peeling-off transfer method on flexible substrates, 420, 82-87, Journal of Power Sources, 2019 (IF=8.247, Q1)
  • Wen JF, Xu BG*, Zhou JY, Chen YJ, Novel high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors based on nickel-cobalt composite and PPy for flexible and wearable energy storage, 402, 91–98, Journal of Power Sources, 2018 (IF=8.247, Q1)
  • Hu HB, Li XT, HuaT*, Xu BG, Wearable strain sensing textile based on one-dimensional stretchable and weavable yarn sensors, 11(11): 5799–5811, Nano Research, 2018  (IF=8.183, Q1)
  • Gong JL, Xu BG*, Tao XM, Breath figure micromolding approach for regulating the microstructures of polymeric films for triboelectric nanogenerators, 9(5), 4988–4997, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2017  (IF=8.758, Q1)
  • Li XT, Hua T*, Xu BG, Electromechanical properties of a yarn strain sensor with graphene-sheath/polyurethane-core, 118, 686–698, Carbon, 2017  (IF=8.821, Q1)
  • Fan X, Xu BG*, Liu S, Cui C, Wang J, Yan F, Transfer-printed PEDOT:PSS electrodes using mild acids for high conductivity and improved stability with application to flexible organic solar cells, 8(22), 14029-14036, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2016 (IF=8.758, Q1)
  • Liang Z, Xu BG*, Chi ZR, Feng DG, Relative saliency model over multiple images with an application to yarn surface evaluation, 44(8), 1249–1258, IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, 2014 (IF=11.079, Q1)
  • Guo H, Yu C, Xu BG*, Li SY, Effect of the geometric parameters on a flexible fiber motion in a tangentially injected divergent swirling tube flow, 49(10), 1033-1046, International Journal of Engineering Science, 2011 (IF=9.219, Q1)

Teaching Activities

(a) Subjects Taught in recently years

     Textile Materials, Degree  

     Analytical Methods for Fashion Business, Degree                         

     Textile Studies I, Degree  

     Foundations of Textiles I, Degree


(b) Supervision of Research Postgraduate Students

      Completed: 9 PhDs and 1 MPhil
      Ongoing: 4 PhD Students

(c) Supervision of Postdoctoral Fellow

      Completed: 8 Postdoctoral Fellows
      Ongoing: 4 Postdoctoral Fellows

Awards and Honours

Awards (selected)

  • Principal Investigator, Gold Award with the Congratulations of Jury, "Scalable all-textile energy harvesters for electric power generation", 46th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland, 2018
  • Principal Investigator, Gold Award with the Congratulations of Jury, "Development of fine worsted yak yarns and fabrics", 45th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland, 2017