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Jasmine Yip participates in SOAR Youth Leadership Programme

Yip Hiu-ching, Jasmine (BA Year 1) was nominated by ITC to take part in the SOAR Youth Leadership Programme which is jointly organised by PolyU and Peking University. Students of both universities are required to complete designed leadership courses and training with

'Poverty Alleviation' as the theme, and learn more about different social issues, such as environmental sustainability, cultural diversity, social responsibility, etc.

Jasmine on her first trip to Beijing in July.

Jasmine stated, "The reason that I am taking part in this programme is to connect with people from different backgrounds, thus improving my communication skills. I hope to familiarise myself with the essential aspects of being a leader and use the learnings to improve myself and help others."

Jasmine has had first hand interaction with charitable organisations that help the impoverished, and subsequently learnt skills and information that could be utilized to help alleviate poverty and contribute to a more positive society.

"I attended different seminars and talks given by World Vision, the Tin Ka Ping Foundation and the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme (CSSA, 關注綜援低收入聯盟), and now have a better understanding about the history of poverty, as well as policies and social support for poverty issues."

She also added, "The other day, I had the chance to meet successful leaders and listen to their inspiring stories of success."

Jasmine has also participated in site visits and role play exercises in Hong Kong, including spending a night on the streets as a homeless individual.

"Being homeless for one night was the toughest challenge in this programme! Finding a suitable location to sleep was very difficult."

"While I am impressed by the support available for the needy of all different ages in the two large cities of Beijing and Hong Kong, the effectiveness of the services varies. Surprisingly, some of the needy rarely use or ask for these services because they cannot be bothered or feel embarrassed.”

Jasmine is looking forward to two more trips to Cambodia and South Africa in 2020: "I hope that the activities there will give me more valuable and unforgettable experiences and findings to alleviate poverty and become an inspirational leader for all!"