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Carmen Li and Jade Luk recognized at Lenzing ‘Knit Together’

Carmen Li and Jade Luk, who are Year 3 knitwear design students in the BA programme, won Champion and First Runner-up respectively at "Knit Together". "Knit Together" is a sustainable fashion design contest for students organized by the Lenzing Group, an Austrian fabric supplier. The students created fabulous fashion capsules by using fabrics with sustainable TENCEL™ fibers provided by Lenzing. Students were encouraged to rethink the concept of sustainability and how they would incorporate sustainability into their designs.

Award presentation to first runner-up Jade Luk (second fron left) and Champion Carmen Li (middle) at Lenzing Application Innovation Center, Hong Kong, on 7 December 2018.

TENCEL™ fibers are derived from sustainable wood sources and produced by using environmentally responsible processes. The contestants were able to witness the versatility of sustainable fibers, which are available in many forms such as yarn or incorporated into fabrics, for the basis of stylish, comfortable and sustainable fashion.

Carmen created a unique look that combines functional designs and sustainable materials, which emphasized a soft hand feel and garment comfort. Jade played with a deconstructed design, showing off patchwork with different types of stitches and materials.

“Lenzing worked with students every step of the way, helping them better understand how to use the fibers and providing them with support and inspiration," said Dr Ho Chu Po, Associate Professor of ITC. “Instead of focusing on perfecting the end product, Lenzing encouraged creative thinking in developing design concepts, with sustainability serving as an important aspect.”