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ITC alumni and students showcase outfits at JUXTAPOSED Fashion x Music 2018

ITC alumni and students participated in JUXTAPOSED Fashion x Music 2018, a large-scale fashion and music show hosted by the Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association (HKFDA), which took place on 8 December at Tai Kwun in Central.

Among the 75 participating local design talents, 25 are ITC students and alumni (see list below). Each showcased two outfits under a “music box”, a stage surrounded by large transparent 360-degree LED display walls, while models paraded the outfits along to live music performances. Besides the fashion show, the outfits were also displayed at the JUXTAPOSED Fashion x Music 2018 Visuals of Fashion Exhibition from 7 to 9 December at Tai Kwun. The exhibition made use of holograms to present the outfits with a 360 degree view.


Outfits of 25 ITC alumni and students were featured in the JUXTAPOSED Fashion x Music 2018 fashion show (left) and the Visuals of Fashion Exhibition (right)


By Nelson Leung By YLY Studio By Kim Kam By Bicy Yip
By Sum Cheung  By Coco Lee By Roy Mak  


A new initiative that took place under JUXTAPOSED is the crossover of local fashion designers and local traditional shops. Three alumni members, including Nelson Leung, Mountain Yam and York Yip, specially designed a uniform tee for three local traditional brands and shops to celebrate their achievements and contributions to the Hong Kong economy.


JUXTAPOSED Limited Edition uniform TEE

Golden China Restaurant x Nelson Leung
Golden China Restaurant opened its doors in the 1960s, and is well-known for their barbecue pork as well as BBQ pork coupons, which are a popular Chinese New Year gift.


Wah Hing Co. x Mountain Yam
Wah Hing Co. opened its doors in Central over 60 years ago as a specialty store that sells antique currency, stamps and Western wines.


Shanghai Book Store x York Yip
With a history of over 50 years, Shanghai Book Store is renowned for its classical literature and archival records.


Participating ITC students and alumni included: 

Wesker Au (BA, Year 4)

Emily Chau (BA, Year 3)

Keith Chen (BA, 2018)

Jaz Cheung (BA, 2018)

Oscar Cheung (BA, 2018)

Sum Cheung (BA, 2018)

Key Chow (BA, 2012)

Kurt Ho (BA, 2014)

Kim Kam (BA, 2018)

Kay Kwok (BA, 2009)

Coco Lee (BA, Year 3)

Pakho Lee (BA, 2013)

Nelson Leung  (BA, 2011)

Winsome Lok  (MA, 2016)

Roy Mak (BA, Year 3)

Necro Poon (BA, 2011)

Purity Tang (BA, 2018)

Arto Wong (BA, 2011)

Calson Wong (BA, 2018)

Bailey Woo (BA, 2018)

Mountain Yam (MA, 2008)

Bicy Yip (BA, 2017)

York Yip (BA, 2017)

YLY Studio (Matt Hui and Lilian Tsang) (BA, 2008)


Photo credit: Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association