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ITC alumni shine at 2018 DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award

ITC alumni, Wong Hiu-to Arto (BA, 2011) and Cheng Pak-long Dexter (BA, 2018), were recognized at the 2018 DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award (DFA HKYDTA). The award presentation ceremony took place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 4 December. Arto took home the CreateSmart Young Design Talent Award in the Design Practitioners category, while Dexter won the CreateSmart Young Design Talent Special Award in the Design Graduates category.

Arto has established her own brand called ARTO. and collaborated with JOYCE in 2018 to launch a FW18 capsule collection. Her collections, “Word You See” and “Zero to Unlimited”, were recognized at the DFA HKYDTA. “Word You See” showcases the beauty of Chinese writing on apparel through knitted patterns that show stylized Chinese characters, which were combined with mesh bonding, bubble print, and coatings to create various effects that transformed the words into an eloquent textile art form. “Zero to Unlimited” featured sculptured dresses that empower women to believe in themselves. Arto combined her mastery of knitting with her profound sense of social responsibility to generate a powerful fashion statement that will keep knitwear relevant and hip in a dynamic fashion world.


Arto wins CreateSmart Young Design Talent Award at DFA HKYDTA


"Zero to Unlimited” by Arto Wong          “Word You See” by Arto Wong 

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Dexter was the winner of the Overall Grand Award at the PolyU Fashion Show 2018. He incorporated edginess or elements found in members of extremist groups into his winning collection called “I’m provoked”. Using unconventional items such as a life jacket, reflective materials, oversized padded shoulders in a blazer jacket, and an arched silhouette constructed by two oversized sleeves, Dexter endeavored to provoke the audience by going against expectations and cultural norms. “I’m provoked” blurs the fluid boundaries between the marginal and the mainstream, as well as casualwear and formalwear.


Dexter wins CreateSmart Young Design Talent Special Award at DFA HKYDTA


“I’m provoked” by Dexter Cheng

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Together with 11 other winners, Arto and Dexter were awarded up to HK$5 million in total in grants for overseas attachments to incubate visions and provide opportunities for cross-cultural exchange projects.


Photo credit: Hong Kong Design Centre