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Camper x PolyU MA Fashion

Students on the Master of Arts in Fashion and Textile Design recently embarked on an exciting collaborative design project with the renowned Spanish footwear brand, CAMPER.  

At the beginning of this prestigious project, Camper established that a prize would be awarded to the top three winning projects. 

The overall winner was student Yu Lu, 1st runner Su Xing and finally the 2nd runner up was Xie Weilu. Each of them has received a financial prize, but most importantly their designs will be developed further to become a fully realized products for the brand.  

Works of Yu Lu, Overall Winner

Works of Xu Xing, 1st Runner-up

Works of Xie Weilu, 2nd Runner-up


The CEO and the Creative Director of Camper were overwhelmed by the standard of work produced by all the students. The success of this project has meant that Camper have agreed to do the collaboration project again for the upcoming academic year.

Follow Instagram account @mafashionhkpoly for more photos.

(Contributed by Mr Ryan Houlton)