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Sammie Wong recipient of Innovation and Technology Scholarship 2020

Congratulations go to Sammie Wong, a Year 4 BA student who is majoring in Knitwear Design & Technology. She has been recognized as one of the four outstanding students at PolyU who have received the Innovation and Technology Scholarship 2020 jointly sponsored by the Innovation and Technology Commission and HSBC, and organised by The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG). Sammi will receive a scholarship of up to HK$150,000.

Sammie Wong has been recognized as one of the four outstanding students at PolyU who have received the Innovation and Technology Scholarship 2020

In total, the scholarship is awarded to twenty-five recipients this year, who are all exceptional undergraduates from different universities in Hong Kong and have diverse backgrounds, including medicine, physiotherapy, mechanical engineering, public health, speech and hearing sciences, and other science-related areas of study. They were selected from a pool of 163 candidates. All of these outstanding awardees underwent a highly competitive selection process, have demonstrated excellence in their academic studies, and are passionate about innovation and technology. 

Other PolyU awardees include those who are majoring in radiography, occupational therapy and physiotherapy.

The HKFYG requires students to participate in a series of initiatives to enhance their international exposure and further their passion and commitment toward science and technology. Sammie designed an innovative product called “The Stressless Climate Detective Sleeping Bag” which focuses on developing a thermally sensitive fabric for the homeless by using nanotechnology.

Functions of “The Stressless Climate Detective Sleeping Bag”.

Sammie (first from right) was recently intereviewed by Metro Broadcast, sharing her tips of getting the scholarship.

Apart from receiving the scholarship, Sammie represented PolyU when she participated in the prestigious Future Retail Challenge student competition. The theme this year is to make a retailer relevant again against the challenges of COVID-19 under Project Retail Phoenix. Sammie and her team members worked on a project that focuses on a 3D home printer to create food for a restaurant that is suffering from loss of business during the pandemic. The printer is installed with a camera and a projector so that people can eat and connect with their friends and family while enjoying the food. Sammie had a wonderful experience with her team members on preparing a professional business proposal and making the presentation to four world-renowned retail leaders, including Ms Alexandra Waldman, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Universal Standard; Mr Antonis Kyprianou, General Manager - Franchising of Tendam; Mr Bernie Brookes, Former CEO of Edcon; and Ms Michelle Feeney, Founder of Floral Street. Li & Fung has supported the Future Retail Challenge and mentored the students for over a decade. Sammie is one of these students. She is very appreciative of Li & Fung for sponsoring her and her team members to participate in such a meaningful event.

Sammie (second from right) and her teammates present their ideas to the judges online for the Future Retail Challenge.

Currently, Sammie is working at GOXIP as a fashion curation intern and has had the opportunity to develop and design more than 250 posters, logos and banners for digital marketing channels.