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Dr Chloe Ki publishes top cited article in Psychology & Marketing

ITC is pleased to announce that Wiley has recognized a paper written by Dr Chloe Ki and published in Psychology and Marketing  as a top cited article during 2019 and 2020. Dr Ki received a certificate of achievement from Wiley for “The mechanism by which social media influencers persuade consumers: The role of consumers’ desire to mimic”. This paper was also recognized as one of the top downloaded papers between 2018 and 2019.  

In this study, Dr Ki investigated the influencer marketing phenomenon, which has become an integral part of the digital marketing strategies of fashion retailers. She investigated the mechanism through which social media influencers exert influence over consumers. One of the noteworthy implications of her work is documenting that social media influencers not only serve as opinion leaders, but also as taste leaders who win over social media audiences by showcasing their personal taste. Both the taste and opinion leadership influence the desire of consumers to follow the influencers, which in turn, has a  decisive role in purchase decisions.

We know that the findings in Dr Ki’s work will help fashion retailers and marketers to maximize the significant benefits that influencer marketing can offer.