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ITF and GRF award $36 M to ITC research projects

In addition to receiving funds allocated by PolyU, ITC academics also apply for funding from external sources, either through competitive or non-competitive means, for their research projects.  The total amount of funds awarded in the past six months by the Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) and General Research Fund (GRF) has amounted to HK$36 million in support of 20 projects.


 Project Title



Wearable Personal Cooling and Dehumidifying System for People Wearing Personal Protective Equipment

Prof. Jintu FAN

Stretchable 3D Printing Looping Stitches

Dr Chu Po HO

Development of Textile Products with Enhanced Moisture Management and Comfort Using Poly(lactic acid) Fibers

Prof. Hong HU

Development of Functional Chitosan Fiber Blended Knitted Fabrics

Dr Tao HUA

A Method for a Green Yarn-Spun Structure with Moisture Wicking and Fast-Drying Effects

Dr Li LI

Biometric and Biosensory Intelligent Tight Fit Garment System

Dr Rong LIU

Bionic Development of a Real Cool-Fabric with the Properties of Transparentizing Mid-IR and Reflecting Near-IR

Dr Dahua SHOU

Trial: Intrinsic antimicrobial textiles for reduction of hospital-acquired infections

Prof. Xiaoming TAO

Development of Cooling Mask

Prof. Zijian ZHENG



Photosynthesis of Double Networks in Silk Fibers for Bactericidal & Sensing Sutures

Dr Bin FEI

Development of an Innovative, Flexible Smart Monitoring System for the Conservation of Textile Relics

Dr Li LI

Somatotype and Clothing Recognitions from Real-World Images with Limited Views

Dr Tracy MOK

Personalised Fashion Recommendations Based on Heterogeneous Information Mining

Dr Tracy MOK

Structure, Properties and Modeling of Flexible Thermoelectric Composites for Fiber-based Wearable Thermoelectric Energy Conversion Systems

Prof. Xiaoming TAO

Beyond Environmental Reporting: Environmental Transparency, its Facets, and Performance Implications in the Clothing Industry

Prof. Christina WONG

Cation-π interaction towards molecular design of novel functional chemicals for textile finishing

Prof. John XIN

Surface Microstructural Engineering of Continuous Fibers for 1D Advanced Materials with Customizable Functionalities

Prof. Bingang XU

Finite Element Model for Design of Pressure Therapy Gloves for Hypertrophic Scars

Dr Kit Lun YICK

Active Bodysuits for Adult Degenerative Scoliosis

Dr Joanne YIP

Continuous Fabrication of Conductive Elastomeric Fibers for Fiber-based Wearable Devices

Prof. Zijian ZHENG