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ITC professors publish in top ranking journals

ITC would like to highlight the commendable achievements of several ITC professors who have recently published in top ranking journals in different fields, including Nature Electronics, Science Advances and Production and Operations Management.

Upon invitation from the Chief Editor of Nature Electronics, Prof. Xiaoming Tao, Chair Professor of ITC, wrote a commentary view article which discussed a recently published paper called “Liquid metal gives transmission lines a softer touch”. Nature Electronics is a top-tier journal that ranks no. 3 on the Scimago Journal & Country Rank. The article highlights the advancements of embedding liquid metal into the core of fibers, which can then be woven into textile. This process can potentially impart sensing capabilities to large, non-uniformly shaped and mechanically dynamic surfaces. This innovation has great significance for practical applications related to health monitoring, human–machine interactions and soft robotics.  

Prof. Jintu Fan and Dr Dahua Shou also recently published a paper titled ““Skin-like” fabric for personal moisture management” in the highly renowned Science Advances journal which details the development of a “skin-like” fabric that enables liquid to be directionally transported through spatially distributed channels which act like “sweat glands” but repel foreign environmental contaminants. The water transmission rate can be 15 times greater than that of the best commercial breathable fabrics. This advanced functionality can be applied in various contexts, such as oil-water separation processes, wound dressings, geotechnical engineering and flexible microfluidics applications, and fuel cell membranes. Furthermore, the permeability, mechanical properties, and abrasion resistance (up to 10,000 cycles) of the fabric are not affected by the treatment.

Prof. Jason Choi recently published a paper in Production and Operations Management, a premier business journal that is highly regarded in the business and management fields. The study applies a mean-variance theory that is used in economics to address the newsvendor problem, thus facilitating solutions to optimization problems in supply chain management that takes risk considerations into account. The study focuses on the relevant and important research area of selling short-life-cycle seasonal fashion products.

We would like to congratulate our ITC professors and their co-authors for their notable achievements, which also attest to their hard work and dedication to advancing knowledge and science during these unprecedented times of a global pandemic.