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Innovation and Technology Fund approves $26 million for ITC research projects

The Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF), which is administered by the Innovation and Technology Commission, has approved a total of HK$26M to fund eight ITC led projects in the past six months.

The projects are diverse in scope and range from antiviral and durable clothing for healthcare workers to fabric for unidirectional liquid transport, medical pressure clothing, wearable energy fabrics, and antiviral, washable and reusable face masks, just to name a few.  These projects not only demonstrate the strong research capabilities of the ITC staff members but also their commitment to the well-being of the community.  Congratulations to the following successful recipients of the funding.

Project Title


Trial: Development of a Low-cost Transplanar and In-plane Water Transport Tester for Fabrics

Prof. KAN Chi Wai

Developing Antiviral and Durable Clothing for Healthcare Worker in Elderly Home

Prof. KAN Chi Wai

Design and Development of Textile-based Vascular Prosthesis

Dr LIU Rong

3D Printed Antivirus Materials and Application in Public Facilities

Dr LO Kwan-yu Chris

Nature Inspired Fabric for Unidirectional Liquid Transport

Dr SHOU Dahua

Key Technologies of Customized Intelligent Medical Pressure Clothing

Prof. TAO Xiaoming

Technology Development of Wearable Energy Fabrics

Dr XU Bingang

PUTM30 - Antiviral, Washable and Reusable Face Masks

Dr YIP Joanne Yiu Wan