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ITC research projects funded $33M to enhance community well-being

Nineteen ITC led projects have been funded a total of HK$33M from external competitive funding schemes in 2019, including the Innovation and Technology Fund under the Innovation and Technology Commission, and General Research Fund (GRF) and Early Career Scheme (ECS) of the Research Grants Council (RGC) . 

The projects are diverse in scope and focus on moisture management and comfort, an intelligent system for tight fitting garments, green functional garments for the elderly, a pressure sensation system for optimizing bra designs, an intelligent system that enhances the mobility of individuals with Parkinson’s disease, and many more.  These projects not only demonstrate the strong research capabilities of the ITC staff members but also their commitment to the well-being of the community.  The funded research projects in 2019 are listed below.


Project Title Project-in-charge
Developing Spider-Silk-Model Artificial Fibers by A Chemical Synthetic Approach Prof. HU Jinlian
Development of an Innovative, Flexible Smart Monitoring System for the Conservation of Textile Relics Dr LI Li
Personalised Fashion Recommendations Based on Heterogeneous Information Mining Dr MOK Pik Yin
Structure, Properties and Modeling of Flexible Thermoelectric Composites for Fiber-based Wearable Thermoelectric Energy Conversion Systems Prof. TAO Xiaoming
Surface Microstructural Engineering of Continuous Fibers for 1D Advanced Materials with Customizable Functionalities

Dr XU Bingang


Development of Textile Products with Enhanced Moisture Management and Comfort Using Poly(lactic acid) Fibers

Prof. HU Hong

Development of Functional Chitosan Fiber Blended Knitted Fabrics Dr HUA Tao
A Novel Non-aqueous Polyester/Cotton Blend Dyeing Process Prof. KAN Chi Wai
Developing Antimicrobial Treatment for Cotton-based Fabric Prof. KAN Chi Wai
A Method for a Green Yarn-Spun Structure with Moisture Wicking and Fast-Drying Effects Dr LI Li
Biometric and Biosensory Intelligent Tight Fit Garment System Dr LIU Rong
Trial: Intelligent Wearable System for Enhancing Mobility of People with Parkinson’s Disease (Easypacer) Prof. TAO Xiaoming
Trial: Green Functional Underwear for Elderly with Limited Mobility Prof. TAO Xiaoming
A Soft Manikin System for Evaluating Dynamic Breast Movement and Pressure Sensation for Bra Design Optimisation Dr YICK Kit Lun
自修復高彈性導電纖維的研究 Prof. ZHENG Zijian
Development of Cooling Mask Prof. ZHENG Zijian
Feeling Secure Inside these Walls: The Effect of Ceiling Height and Ontological Security on Retail Consumers Dr BAEK Eunsoo
Fast and Tunable Capillary Flow in Fibrous Structures Dr SHOU Dahua
基於柔性固態織物鋰電池關鍵技術的研究 Prof. ZHENG Zijian