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PU30 x S.Living Bazaar

Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation and Wofoo Social Enterprises, a government-approved charitable organization, invited the PU30TM team to join the S.Living Bazaar which promotes simple living, sustainable lifestyle and satisfaction in family.

On the two-day activity from 13 March, PU30 was available for sale at the Bazaar at MegaBox Shopping Mall.

Developed by a research team led by Prof. CW Kan and Dr Joanne Yip, PU30TM is an antiviral, washable and reusable mask which can be used for 30 times. The mask has been in-vitro shown to inhibit tested strains of influenza virus (H1N1) and the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) upon contact with the surface of the face mask.

Dr Joanne Yip and PU30 supporter