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PolyU has most impressive academic footprint among 1000 textile schools worldwide

Over the years, ITC has achieved remarkable results in research and development. However, to gain a better sense of the contributions and achievements of ITC in textiles and clothing related academic work, ITC conducted an evaluation this year to gauge our progress. The study benchmarked textile schools (viz. institutions with a textile discipline) worldwide in terms of textile-related research publications. The related paper, “A comparative analysis of textile schools by journal publications listed in Web of ScienceTM” by Prof. Wei Chen and his textile school ranking task force, has been recently published by The Journal of The Textile Institute.

Using the Web of ScienceTM, a total of 124,362 research publications from 2014 to 2019 were identified to be textile-related. Out of more than 1000 textile schools worldwide, 31 schools in 18 countries or territories were identified to be among the top 100 institutions that have published fiber or textile-related studies listed in the Web of ScienceTM. These 31 textile schools are ranked in terms of their productivity and the citation impact of their publications. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) ranks at the top in terms of the Hirsch index or the h-index. PolyU ranks No. 2 in terms of average number of citations per paper and average number of citations per staff member.  PolyU also ranks No. 3 in terms of total number of publications.  The results testify to the academic excellence of PolyU as a world leader in fashion and textiles.

Ziqi Li , Hosana Poon , Wei Chen & Jintu Fan (2020): A comparative analysis of textile schools by journal publications listed in Web of ScienceTM ,The Journal of The Textile Institute, DOI: 10.1080/00405000.2020.1824434