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Prof. Fan @ International Colloquia on Thermal Innovations series hosted by MIT

Prof. Jintu Fan, Head and Chair Professor of ITC, is internationally renowned in his field of specialism.  His research focuses on improving understanding of the interactions among the human body, clothing and environment, and on that basis, developing fibrous materials and fashionable clothing with enhanced functional performance.  His work is multi-disciplinary and involves instrumentation, computational modeling, biomimetics, nanotechnology as well as psychology. 

His reputation and expertise led to an invitation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to present at the 12th session of the International Colloquia on Thermal Innovations (InnoTherm) webinar series on 15 September 2020.

Prof. Fan presenting at the InnoTherm hosted by MIT.

Themed “Personal Thermal Comfort”, the webinar was hosted by Prof. Svetlana Boriskina, a physicist, engineer and research scientist at MIT. Other speakers included Prof. Renkun Chen, Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering of the University of California, San Diego and Prof. Yi Cui, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, of Photon Science at Stanford University.

Prof. Fan’s presentation explains the need for thermoregulatory clothing and explores active and passive thermoregulatory clothing.

About InnoTherm

The InnoTherm series aims to stimulate and highlight innovations and advances in theory, materials, devices, and systems for efficient thermal energy conversion, storage, transport and utilization. The colloquia include seminars and panel discussions, with speakers from around the world and across different disciplines.   The colloquia are delivered online and interactive with audience. Eleven sessions have been hosted since April 2020, with nearly 50 world renowned researchers and scientists in the field who have shared their insights and findings.


The Personal Thermal Comfort webinar can be accessed on Youtube.