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New 2-year ITC undergraduate programme for sub-degree holders 

Students will soon be able to receive a solid holistic understanding of new emerging technologies and digital fashion business models, and innovative marketing/business strategies and plans when ITC launches a new two-year full-time UGC-funded undergraduate programme in 2021/22 - the Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Digital Fashion (碼時尚()士學位) for local associate degree or higher diploma holders.  

The Digital Fashion programme is characterized by 3is: iFashion, iMedia and iConnect, which comprise a cluster of subjects in digital fashion creation and entrepreneurship (iFashion), media communications and marketing analytics (iMedia), as well as connecting textile processes for innovation (iConnect).  

Dr Tracy Mok, the programme leader explained, “This is a 2-year full-time top-up programme  with multidisciplinary nature, which is suitable for Associate Degree or Higher Diploma holders of different discipline backgrounds such as engineering, information technology, media communication, fashion or marketing. There are many elective subject options and different study pathways for students with different academic backgrounds.” 

The programme focuses on training students in three distinctive skill categories: advanced digital skills for fashion creation (iFashion),  advanced digital skills for fashion media communication and market analytics (iMedia), and the ability to connect fashion and textile processes and emerging technologies for product and business innovations (iConnect). Upon successful completion of the programme, students will be proficient at implementing the components of the 3is.  

The admission quota into this programme is 30 individuals for 2021/22.  During the normative study period of two years, students shall complete at least 60 credits for graduation. Students are also required to complete at least three units of research course(s).  The programme will accept applications from sub-degree holders in business, media communication, engineering or information technology.