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PolyU Intimate Fashion Show 2020

ITC held the PolyU Intimate Fashion Show 2020 on 9 July at the Hotel ICON, showcasing the creativity and design talents of 12 graduating students.

The 12 collections of six outfits put on show were designed and produced by students majoring in Intimate Apparel and Activewear under ITC, with raw materials sponsored by intimate apparel manufacturers and suppliers.  The chief sponsor this year is Nobeemas, a well-known high-end lingerie brand of Melaydoti. 

Three renowned figures in the design and fashion industry, Ms Beverly Black, Mr Dorian Ho and Mr Walter Ma, were invited to be the judges to select the Grand Prize of the show. ITC alumna and artist of TVB, Ms Chan Yan Yan, was also invited as MC for the show. 

The Grand Prize was won by Au Cho-Ying, Sally with her “Mountainous” sporty collection. Sally got her inspirations from huge mountains, she then made use of Chinese brush painting skills to illustrate the mountain sceneries, and combined them with the smocking patterns. Sally said sportswear is as skintight as intimate wear, she has taken much consideration to the functional features while doing tailoring: " I hope my designs can strike a balance of beauty and functionality – for example, the neckline should not be too high or too low. One can feel the comfort of wearing when doing sports while keeping a sleek look.

The collection of Grand Prize – “Mountainous” by Sally Au Cho-ying.

Another student, Chow Ching-lam, Ariel's work "Infinity O" was chosen by the audience and as the " Audience Favorite". Ariel's design incorporates silver chains made up of small circles. Ariel explained that there are many limitations in real life, but she believes that "the only person that can set limits in life is yourself." Through this collection, she hopes to express her endless imagination and her courage to breakthrough.

The collection of Audience Favorite Award – “INFINITY 0” by Ariel Chow Ching Lam


Prof. Wing-tak Wong, Dean of Faculty of Applied Science and Textiles, PolyU, expressed his gratitude to the industry for its generous support to the Show which enhanced the diversity of students’ learning experience.

Prof. Jintu Fan, Chair Professor and Head of ITC, remarked that the students have overcome enormous challenges in completing their collections as the university was closed for a few months due to COVID-19 pandemic. Our students have fully demonstrated their innovation, talent and passion for intimate apparel and activewear design in the show.

Ms Angie Lau, Chairman of Hong Kong Intimate Apparel Industries’ Association and the CEO of Clover Group International Limited, stressed that HKIAIA would continue to support and nurture the younger generation for the continuous development of the industry.

The 12 collections of six outfits put on show were designed and produced by the students majoring in Intimate Apparel and Activewear under ITC


Group photo of the guests at the PolyU Intimate Fashion Show