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ITC Summer Internship Programme 2019/20 - Learning beyond the classroom

Since 2016, ITC has been committed to cultivating well-rounded graduates with vision and a global outlook, a sense of social responsibility, and critical and creative thinking abilities by organising an annual summer programme for our BA students.  Students will appreciate that this summer internship programme allows them to apply classroom theory in the workplace to meet the needs of the industry and society at large. They also receive real-life work experience while applying their knowledge and problem solving skills to address and manage actual problems at work. Employers also benefit by finding the right candidates to meet their company needs.

Prof. C.W. Kan, Chairman of the Internship and Career Services Taskforce explained, “This year, a total of 15 companies in the fashion and textiles industry are offering over 40 intern positions, both locally and overseas, to ITC students in the summer.  Selected students will be working in the companies for seven weeks during their summer semester.”

Over 160 BA students have submitted their application to compete for the very limited number of internship positions.