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Research of Qipao and Textiles in Republic of China by GONG Jianpei Exhibition


Please note the special opening hours of  The Fashion Gallery as follows:

Date   Opening Hours
4 Feb 2019(Mon)  Lunar New Year's Eve 9:00am - 1:00pm
5 - 7 Feb 2019 (Tue - Thu) Lunar New Year Holidays Closed





This exhibition presents the research outcome from Prof Gong Jianpei on Shanghai Qipao of the Republic of China from the perspective of sociology, technology, graphics, and narratology. A collection of original Qipao, accessories, documents and posters, as well as the restored patterns of Qipao fabrics based on month cards and old photographs in the first half of the twentieth century. Analyzing the changes of various modern fashion elements from Qipao’s style, fabrics and techniques to reveal the related design culture in the development of itself, we will not only experience the art of Qipao and techniques, but also better to aware the aesthetics and old Shanghai style of the oriental modern commercial capital. This exhibition also provides another view to study of the process of cultural transformation in apparel design since the Republic of China. It enlightens us and poses some ways in the contemporary fashion and textile design that is constantly colliding and fusing between traditional culture and modern trend.