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Retirement announcement: Prof. Winnie Yu
Staff Movement

Prof. Winnie Yu has retired from ITC after many years of contribution to the department.

Prof. Winnie Yu

Prof. Winnie Yu was Professor in Fashion & Textile Technology – Clothing. She  played an important role in the programme leadership as Chairman of the Departmental Learning and Teaching Committee (2013-2016), and Programme Leader of the BA(Hons) Programme in Intimate Apparel (2005-2013), which is the first of its kind in Asia.

Prof. Yu is internationally reputable in the field of clothing science and intimate apparel. She was voted Best Viewpoint in Best Inventions of 2007 in Time magazine. From 2007 onwards, she organized 9 international symposiums in intimate apparel which received over 2,000 delegates from all over the world. Prof. Yu was the successful recipient of funding for over 40 research projects including 9 General Research Fund (GRF) and 8 Innovation & Technology Fund (ITF) projects, which is over HK$78,000,000 in research funds. Her inventions include a 3D body scanner, soft mannequin, new breast sizing system, smart wristband for sleep apnoea, and many more. She owns 8 patents with 2 commercial licenses in local and overseas companies. ITC would like to wish her all the best for her retirement.