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Retirement announcement: Dr Sunney Leung and Dr Yau-shan Szeto
Staff Movement

After many years of dedicated service, Dr Sunney Leung and Dr Yau-shan Szeto have decided to retire. ITC would like to thank them for their contributions to the institute.

Dr Sunney Leung

Dr Sunney Leung was Associate Professor in Fashion Retail & Marketing at ITC, and the programme leader of a part-time degree programme in the BA (Honours) Scheme in Fashion and Textiles Studies.

Before joining PolyU, Dr Leung had extensive experience in manufacturing and merchandising top label clothing. His research focus was on clothing manufacture and apparel supply chain management, lean and agile production, simulation of teamwork, application of artificial intelligent techniques in fabric cutting, and utilization of radio-frequency identification (RFID) in fashion cross-selling. He took part in various consultancy projects and invented the Smart Dressing System (in collaboration with Prof. Calvin Wong and Dr Tracy Mok), which was awarded Special Prize and Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva.



Dr Yau-shan Szeto

Dr Yau-shan Szeto was Associate Professor in Fashion & Textile Technology – Chemistry and specialised in environmental issues. 

Dr Szeto focused on the properties of chitosan, specifically for improving textile dyeing processes, and the removal of dyestuff from waste water. He received multiple research grants such as those from the Croucher Foundation, Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) and General Research Fund (GRF). Moreover, both his teaching and research in environmentally friendly textile processing and the prevention of pollution furthered the general field of green textiles. His work on the application of lava stones in the washing of garments was exhibited in the 'Innovation 2000' exhibition in Hong Kong.