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To be the leading institution in fashion, textiles and design education, research and partnership.


  1. To nurture graduates to be creative, critical, innovative and ethical leaders. 
  2. To advance knowledge and pushing the boundaries in fashion, textiles and design. 
  3. To support and collaborate with fashion, textiles and design industry to achieve a sustainable progress. 
  4. To apply professional knowledge for the betterment of mankind.

Goal & Objectives

The goal for the department is to become a world class academic department in fashion and, textile education, research and knowledge transfer with the following taken as the key objectives for ITC from 2009/10 and onwards:
  • to provide professional education covering the whole spectrum of activities in fashion and textiles, and develop “all-round” graduates with vision and a global outlook, a sense of social responsibility, critical and creative thinking ability
  • to conduct research to create and disseminate knowledge to the academic community, commerce, industry, society and the world at large
  • to continue the review of academic programmes in fashion and textiles
  • to further enhance learning and teaching in both teaching methodology and practice, the implementation of outcome-based learning, maintain and upgrade an environment that facilitates learning, with an aim to stimulate students’ interest in learning
  • to collaborate with partners on the development of preferred continuing education in fashion and textiles
  • to become an area of excellence in fashion and textile education and research, regionally and internationally
  • to lead and enhance the development of the fashion and textile industry