About Us


The Institute of Textiles and Clothing of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University obtained funding support and established "Troels H. Povlsen Care Apparel Centre" in 2006.


As an original and innovative care apparel centre in the Far East region, the Centre integrates the concepts of 'specialised clothing' and 'social care' with an aim to serve the elderly and disabled. Through clothing, it demonstrates care and concern for the society. The Centre also provides the community with specialist consultation and resources in order to promote the concepts and importance of care apparel through the joint efforts of experts at the Institute of Textiles and Clothing, clothing designers and technicians, rehabilitation specialists, health care professionals and social scientists.

Service Scope


Arousing public concern and enhancing their knowledge through providing information about care apparel and related products.

Research and Development

Researching and developing new care apparel and related products which serve the needs of different target groups.

Consultation and Support

Providing professional consultancy and supporting services by handling enquiries from wearers and care takers.

Social Contribution

Promotion of social service activities such as product distribution, student volunteers and community visits which involve the participation of University professors, students and members of the general public.

Target Groups

- The Elderly
- People with disabilities or illnesses