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Technology Transfer
Technology Transfer

Invitation for Licensing

Companies can license our patented technology in a very flexible manner for their own developments and applications. The following PolyU technologies that are recommended for licensing:

Technologies that are available for licensing within a specific period of time are listed below:

Nanostructured metallic textiles for lithium ion battery

Patent Portfolio
US provisional patents: Nanostructured Metallic Textiles for Current Collectors of Flexible Lithium Ion Battery (Patent no.: 62/610,977) and Multifunctional Hierarchical Fabrics Stabilize Flexible Lithium Metal-Sulfur Batteries (Patent no.: 62/599,815)

Sweating Thermal Fabric Manikin “Walter”

Patent Portfolio

Chinese patent: 具有自動供水和實時排汗率測量系統的人體模型及其排汗率測量的方法 (Patent no.:200410043339.6)

PolyU seeks to commercialize the technology through licensing arrangements with industrial partners. Interested parties please contact us.

PolyU’s Effort in Intellectual Property Protection

Approaching its eightieth anniversary since its establishment as the Government Trade School in 1937, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is a higher education institution (HEI) with a vision to be outstanding in all aspects of education, research as well as partnership, thereby painting a better future for Hong Kong, China and the whole world.

The University’s motto is "To learn and to apply, for the benefit of mankind". Over the years, our talented academic and research professionals have created a vast pool of innovative technologies and knowledge that are high in practical value and tremendously beneficial to industry and society. To protect these innovations from crimes such as IP thefts, PolyU strives to protect intellectual property and researchers’ rights through diligent patent application. Patented technologies are available to external partners through patent licensing.

In fact, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is among the most prolific institutions in terms of patent protection in the region. Convincing figures contribute to justifying our pride in the University’s achievements, and continue to consolidate our leading position in applied research year after year. In particular, PolyU ranked 1st among tertiary institutions in Hong Kong in terms of the number of US patents granted in years 2012 and 2013. In 2013, boasting 30 granted patents, the University was positioned 67th in global ranking. As at June 2014, nearly 570 cumulative patents had been obtained, and over 1170 patents had been filed. In the year 2013/14, over 50 patents were granted, while close to 70 patent and trademark applications were submitted.

In the meantime, knowledge transfer in the form of patent licensing allows companies to harness PolyU’ advanced technologies in order to sharpen their competitive edges while developing innovative products. In the year 2013/14, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University entered into more than 40 licensing agreements, Memoranda of Understanding (MOU), or non-disclosure agreements for its proprietary knowledge and applied technologies.