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Technology Frontier

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PolyU’s Virtual House of Innovation (Photo)Nov 2011PolyU’s Virtual House of Innovation

The University’s technology showroom on the cyberspace

Beyond Entrepreneurship Forum (Photo)Oct 2011Beyond Entrepreneurship Forum

To step beyond convention, to think beyond short term profit, to consider beyond local market

Solar-powered Air-conditioning System for Vehicles (Photo)Sep 2011Solar-powered Air-conditioning System for Vehicles

PolyU's green technology to keep the drivers cool

Food Safety and Technology Research Centre (Photo)Aug 2011Food Safety and Technology Research Centre

PolyU takes steps to enhance food safety and technology

Go green by design (Photo)Jul 2011Go green by design

PolyU's ecodesign project methodology

Keep the precious eye in check (Photo)Jun 2011Keep the precious eye in check

PolyU's innovative secured retinal imaging system for diabetic care

Caring for children’s life-long vision (Photo)May 2011Caring for children’s life-long vision

PolyU’s novel contact lenses to slow down your children’s short-sightedness

Portable real-time DNA biosensor (Photo)Apr 2011Portable real-time DNA biosensor

Providing an early warning against infectious disease

New hope for stroke patients (Photo)Mar 2011New hope for stroke patients

PolyU’s robotic hand helps speed up recovery from paralysis

Turning blurred picture into clear one (Photo)Feb 2011Turning blurred picture into clear one

An image magic wand to auto-fix noise and boost colour quality

Radiation-free system for scoliosis diagnosis (Photo)Jan 2011Radiation-free system for scoliosis diagnosis

Future of bone deformity scanning points to non-invasive 3D ultrasound