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Technology Related
InnoCarnival 2021
23 - 31 Oct 2021
Time:23-31 Oct (Mon-Fri 10:00-17:00; Sat-Sun 10:00-18:00)
Venue:PolyU Pavilion @D09, Grand Hall, Convention Centre 3, Hong Kong Science Park

Over the years, our professors and researchers have been actively involved in numerous application-oriented research projects. Many of them have been honoured with international acclaim at various invention exhibitions. This year’s PolyU pavilion will showcase 6 award-winning projects of Geneva Inventions Expo, which cover a wide range of applications, including healthcare, environmental monitoring, smart cities, and automotive safety. Some of them have already been commercialised through PolyU-supported startups led by our researchers. Visitors can even experience the interactive game-based learning platform, which was developed by PolyU and received different international educational awards.
Come and visit us at PolyU Pavilion @ InnoCarnival 2021!