New Online Safety Training and Registration System to be Launched

To: All staff and students

From: Health, Safety and Environment Office

Date: 17 August 2012


In PolyU, all laboratory users are required to go through our online safety training and registration system, known as “Laboratory Safety Web-based Self-learning and Registration System”. This system will soon be replaced by the “Online Safety Training and Registration System (STRS)”.


Launch of Online Safety Training and Registration System (STRS)

Old system

 Close down on 24 Aug 2012 (FRI) at 1700hrs

New system

 Launch on 30 Aug 2012 (THU) at 0900hrs


No safety training and registration will be available for the transition period from 24/8/12 at 1700hrs to 30/8/12 at 0900hrs. If you anticipate that you may need the above service during this transition period, we strongly advise you to complete it before 24/8/12 at 1700hrs.


On the other hand, all records of the existing system will be converted to the new system. Hence, you do NOT need to do the registration again after the new system is launched.


Thank you very much for your attention.


Y.K. Kam