HSEO Training Courses in March 2012

To:       Departmental Health & Safety Officers 
Fm:      Health, Safety & Environment Office
Date:   22 February 2012

Health, Safety and Environment Office will arrange two safety courses in March 2012 as follows:

a)    Electrical and Mechanical Safety
b)    Laboratory Chemical Safety
Electrical and Mechanical Safety

9 March 2012 (Fri)
10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon 

(10 am – 11 am : Electrical Safety; 11 am – 12 noon : Mechanical Safety)
Room Y951 

(in Cantonese) 

Ir Nelson Chan
1.      The electrical hazards and its prevention
2.      The common problems in the use of electrical appliances
3.      The safety precautions in the use of the appliances
4.      The new cable colour code 
5.      The electrical safety inspection checklist
6.      The common hazards and dangerous parts of machinery and the guarding methods
7.     Hazards and safety measures in the use of other types of equipment such as abrasive wheel, woodworking machinery, lifting appliance& lifting gears, gas welding & flame cutting, pressure equipment, loadshifting machinery, etc.
Course objectives:
The course is designed to provide participants with a basic understanding on hazards associated with electricity, plant & machinery and the related safety measures.

Target group(s):
All staff who work on electrical appliances and machinery and those who want to have some knowledge on electrical and mechanical safety are welcome to attend. 

(Please apply on or before 2 March 2012)


Laboratory Chemical Safety

16 March 2012 (Fri) 
09:30  – 12:30 
Room Y951
(in English)

Mr Danny Fok
1.      University's Laboratory Safety Management Policy 
2.      Relevant legislation 
3.      Various aspects of chemical hazards
4.    Examples of chemical accidents   
5.      Safe Use of Chemicals 
6.      Chemical storage and transportation
7.      Disposal of chemical waste   
8.      Emergency procedures 
Course objectives:
This course aims at introducing chemical safety management for laboratory supervisors and equipping chemical users with better knowledge on chemical safety practices so that they can manage hazardous chemicals in good order and work safely in the laboratory respectively.    

Target group(s):
All chemical laboratory supervisors and registered chemical users who work with chemicals frequently. 

(Please apply on or before 9 March 2012)

Departmental Health & Safety Officers are kindly requested to review their departmental situation and invite staff to attend. Interested staff should register for the course(s) via the HSEO on-line enrolment system athttp://www.polyu.edu.hk/hseo/EnrolmentList.php     

For enquiries, please e-mail to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call HSEO General Office at tel: 3400-8386.