Course on Safety of Radioactive Substances in August 2010

Fm:         Health, Safety & Environment Office
Date:      23 August 2010
Subject:   Course on Safety of Radioactive Substances in August 2010 

Health, Safety and Environment Office will arrange one more safety course as follows in August 2010:   

Safety of Radioactive Substances

30 August 2010 (Mon)
10:00 am – 12:00noon
Room Y951
(in English) 

Mr Chris Leung
1.     Basic radiation protection principles.
2.     Radiation monitoring.
3.     Precautions in handling sealed and unsealed   radioactive substances 
4.     Legal requirements
5.     Radiation protection requirements in PolyU.
Course objectives:
To equip the required personnel with basic radiation safety knowledge to meet the pre-requisite for becoming registered radiation users in PolyU.

Target group(s):
Users of sealed and/or unsealed radioactive substance. 

(Please apply on or before 27 August 2010)

Interested staff should contact HSEOGeneral Office at tel: 3400-8386/3400-8396 for enrolment.